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Best Halloween Board Games 2022

Looking for Halloween Board Game Ideas? Are your dark heart and decrepit soul craving some horror? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this Halloween! On the list today are games full of evil twists, gory ghouls, and devilish insanity. Your Halloween game night will have players sleeping with the lights on. 

In this round-up, we’ve added games with various mechanisms, difficulty levels, and playing time. There’s sure to be a hauntingly horrific Halloween game for everyone. Let’s delve into some top Halloween board games! 

Our Top Picks for Best Halloween Board Games

In a hurry? Take a quick peek before you go.

Best Group

Mysterium is a great game on any day but on Halloween, the murder mystery and ghostly themes really shine through, making a great Halloween activity.

Best Nostalgic

Horrified combines all the classic monsters of cinema and sends them shuffling, howling, and screeching at you. It’s perfectly themed for Halloween and a ghostly good time.

Best Overall

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Betrayal has so much Halloween goodness jammed into one box it’s hard to point to any one aspect. There is one thing for sure, everyone at the table will walk away talking about what just happened and want to play again.


#1. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal Board Game Featured Image

Players: 36
Playing time: 60min

Tile by tile, terror by terror, build your own haunted mansion, and then try to escape it alive!

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a cooperative game in which players must work together to survive a nightmare of a house. And of course, no horror team is complete without a traitor.

The game builds suspense and excitement as you explore the rooms. You may find something, or something may find you. You must rely on your team until the house turns one of you against the rest.

Betrayal at House on the Hill comes with loads of replayability as it includes 50 blood-curdling scenarios, each as unique and horrifying as the other. With a different layout in every game, there’s sure to be enough fear and fright to please any horror fan. 

Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Tile by tile, terror by terror, build your own haunted mansion -...
  • With 50 blood-curdling scenarios, each trip to the house on the...
  • Players must work together to survive the nightmare.

So take a deep breath before you enter, it might be your last.

Already a fan of Betrayal at House on the Hill? If so, then be sure to try the other games in the Betrayal universe: Betrayal Legacy, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, and the Widow’s Walk expansion!

Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill Widow's Walk Strategy Board Game
Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill Widow's Walk Strategy Board Game
Expansion. Requires Betrayal House on the Hill; Compatible with all editions; Never before explored new floor THE ROOF.
$39.99 $18.50

#2. Fury of Dracula

fury of dracula box and board

Players: 25
Playing time: 120-180min

Eight years ago a small group of god-fearing countrymen stopped Count Dracula. Or so they thought…

Fury of Dracula, a game of deduction and gothic horror. The game centers around Dracula, played by one player, who is being tracked by the hunters. When playing Count Dracula, naturally, you claim the night as you sire new vampires, lay traps, and lead your enemies astray. If you play as a hunter, put a stop to the wicked Count and destroy him for good!

Fury of Dracula is wicked fun and can be played for many a Halloween to come as you navigate the game. And as Dracula says, “We learn from failure, not success.” 

Fury of Dracula (4th Edition)
  • A Game of deduction and Gothic horror
  • The count returns with 5 new fully painted figures for Dracula...
  • 2-5 players where one is Dracula being tracked by the hunters....

#3. Mysterium

Mysterium board game art

Players: 2-7
Playing time: 42min

Will you dare enter the Mysterium manor?

In the game Mysterium, a ghost haunts the manor. It’s the spirit of an unfortunate victim who perished under mysterious circumstances. 

Eager to find out what happened that night, a group of psychics enters the manor. Fortunately, the ghost (a player) will send them visions before disappearing at dawn.

Mysterium is a brilliant game, as cooperation is key to finding the murderer. The ghost can only use illustrated cards to communicate. With 7 turns to solve the mystery, gameplay moves swiftly. 

‘Come in, take a seat, and follow your intuition!’

  • MYSTERY BOARD GAME: A horrible crime was committed on the grounds...
  • COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME: One player takes on the role of the...
  • INTERPRET VISIONS TO SOLVE MYSTERIES: Each player investigates a...

#4. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 60min

Centuries ago, countless lives were lost in the battle against Wu-Feng. Eventually, the dark forces were defeated and he was buried beneath a village. Enter the ghosts. An army of them to be exact. Will you be able to protect the villagers and defend Wu-Feng’s ashes? 

Players take on the roles of Taoist monks and try to defeat the harrowing army of ghosts. 

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game in which each priest has totally different abilities, giving this game a unique edge. 

Ghost Stories is a great game to have on the shelf as it has high replayability with the four difficulty levels, a massive variety of ghosts, and different village setups. Players will be challenged every time in unique ways.

Ghost Stories
  • For 1-4 players
  • Supernatural horror theme
  • Takes about an hour to play

#5. Horrified

Horrified Board Game Box and Components

Players: 1-5
Playing time: 60min

As a city screams in terror… the world’s most famous monsters have banded together to create the OG of Suicide Squads. 

The village is under attack! Your team of heroes must come together and defeat Halloween’s most notorious monsters. Try to overcome them all before horror consumes you!

Horrified has all the Halloween horror characters we love to hate, or just love. Dracula, Frankenstein, his bride, the Mummy, Wolfman, and even a mysterious creature from the black lagoon are all characters you have to defend the town against. The game comes with 7 monstrous miniatures which are just adorable (I mean, terrifying!). 

This is a great game for a family or beginner board gamers to play as it’s easy to understand the instructions and comes with various levels of difficulty. 

Horrified is the perfect addition to any Halloween night!

  • What you get - horrified comes with 1 game board, 7 sculpted...
  • Fun play experience – Horrified is a cooperative board game for...
  • Easy to understand instructions – high quality,...

#6. Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror Components Overview

Players: 1-8
Playing time: 120-240min

A thrilling game of cosmic horror… the end is near!

Arkham Horror is an incredibly popular cooperative game of mystery and terror. Inspired by the writings of H.P Lovecraft, a dark shadow continues to grow in the city of Arkham. While ‘Ancient Ones’ lurk in the shadows, a team of investigators must stand together against the horrors of Arkham. 

At the heart of Arkham Horror is a scary strategy game. Players take on the roles of investigators and explore the abyss. As it’s a cooperative game, players work together to find clues, defeat monsters, and ultimately defeat ancient creatures just beyond our reality. 

Each investigator has a unique backstory that enables players to branch out the narrative paths, and the possibility to truly make the character their own. 

Arkham Horror (Third Edition)
  • THRILLING GAME OF COSMIC HORROR: A dark shadow grows in the city...
  • SCARY STRATEGY GAME: Players take on the role of Arkham...
  • COOPERATIVE MYSTERY GAME: Players work as a team to gather clues,...

If you love all things Lovecraft, you definitely need to check out Eldritch Horror and all of its maddening expansions for an extra dose of terror.

Eldritch Horror
  • THRILLING GAME OF TERROR AND ADVENTURE: Ancient evil is stirring...
  • SCARY STRATEGY GAME: Defeat foul monsters, travel to Other Worlds...
  • COOPERATIVE MYSTERY GAME: Brave investigators team up to pit...

#7. Gloom

Gloom Board Game Versions Boxes and Cards

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 60min

Assume the role of an eccentric family of misfits and see them suffer the greatest tragedies possible.

A sadistic game in which your goal is sad but simple, you want to see your character die in the most tragic way. With some hilarious dark humor, Gloom is a fun card game. A few cards include, ‘persuaded by poodles’ and ‘mocked by midgets’ which you want to inflict on your own character all while trying to ‘inflict’ happy occasions on your fellow players. 

Add some dark humor to your Halloween and turn these cards into a sadistic story of misfortune for your oh-so unfortunate characters.

Gloom (2nd Edition)
  • 2-4 Players
  • 60 minute playing time
  • Compatible with first edition

#8. Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness Board Game

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 120-180min

The door is open… who’ll go inside?

Mansions of Madness is a cooperative board game of horror and exploration. Take on the role of investigators and enter the dark rooms of haunted Arkham mansions. With sinister locales and strange secrets, solving what’s lurking behind Arkham’s closed doors may just lead you to madness…

With Eldritch forces and supernatural monsters, you’ll be fighting for your life in this harrowing adventure. 

With lots of different scenarios and intricate puzzles, replayability is high as you guide investigators through maps filled with monsters. 

Another fantastic game to add to your Lovecraftian collection!

Mansions of Madness
$109.99 $87.99
Buy on Amazon Buy from Noble Knight
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/29/2022 07:00 pm GMT

#9. Mythos Tales

Mythos Tales Board Game Box and Map

Players: 1-10
Playing time: 60-120min

Another investigation game into the macabre, Mythos Tales will lead you into the terrifying world of Arkham once again. 

It’s the 1920s and you’ve got to solve the mystery in a detective-detection investigative play. Comb through clues and maps as you answer the questions given to you at the end of each scenario.

Mythos Tales is an immersive game that brings an atmospheric element all while still being easy to learn and set up. 

Get together with your friends or family to unravel the mystery before it’s too late! This is a perfect game if you’re looking for something a little spooky, so test your words as well as your sanity and explore the great unknown!

Mythos Tales
  • Explore the city of Arkham as imagined by H.P. Lovecraft
  • Work together with your friends to unravel the mystery before...
  • This game is perfect for a game night with friends and families...

#10. Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters Board Game Box and Board Setup

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30min

Move over Indiana Jones, there are some new Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters in town. It’s everybody vs. the ghosts. Work together to win! 

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters! is a fun family-friendly Halloween board game. Escape from the house with all the treasure jewels as a team, and win! 

Using simple skills and strategy, players move through rooms before they become haunted. If there’s a ghost, you have to fight it off together! The game does come with basic and advanced gameplay options, making it a wonderful game for families of all ages. 

Win or lose, you’re in it together!

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters
  • The award winning German game Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister...
  • Winner of the coveted 2014 Kinderspiel des Jahres (Children’s...
  • Can your team escape from the house with all 8 Treasure Jewels...


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Halloween board games! What spooky Halloween board games do you like to play? Drop us a comment below with your favorite spooky horror board games!


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