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Best Board Games for 8-Year-Olds

We have an awesome collection of board games to keep your 8-year-olds entertained!

It’s important to focus on communication and strategy skills when choosing the perfect board game for 8-year-olds. By this age, children’s cognitive skills have developed to the point where they can focus their attention for longer and create more complex strategies. This makes for a great list of fun games to play. 

Let’s look at the top 20 best board games for 8-year-olds!

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Our Top Picks for Best Board Games for 8-Year-Olds

In a hurry? Take a quick peek before you go.

Best  Strategy

Agricola: Family Edition
Agricola: Family Edition is a fantastic introduction for younger kids into more complex strategy games and is a blast for those who want a challenge.

Best Fantasy

My Little Scythe
My Little Scythe does a fantastic job of transforming the grim post-war world of Scythe and reimagining it as a fluffy kingdom full of adventure with very similar mechanics.
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Best Overall

#1. Magic Maze

Magic Maze Board Game Box and Board Setup

Players: 1-8
Playing time: 15mins
Difficulty: Easy

Oh no! A mage, a warrior, and a dwarf have all been stripped of their possessions. With nowhere left to turn they must rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall for all the equipment needed for their next adventure. Can they pull off this heist and dash to the exit?

Magic Maze is a fantastic cooperative board game without the alpha-gamer problem. Each player can control any hero they choose, in order to make that hero perform a specific action. Different types of actions include bravely exploring a new area to even just riding the escalator. To do so, communication and rigorous cooperation is needed.

While moving through the map in a grid movement, children learn important skills all while having fun as a group. With a sand timer putting on the pressure, loiter to the best of your abilities before the mall security guards nab you! 

#2. My Little Scythe

My Little Scythe Box and Board with Components

Players: 1-6 
Playing time: 45-60mins
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

“Young seeker, your time has come. Gather your Little Scythe and discover your destiny.”

My Little Scythe is a competitive family-friendly game where players embark on an adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme.

Inspired by the best-selling game Scythe, My Little Scythe is an exploration fantasy game where little players take turns choosing to move, seek or make, all in the hopes to be the first to earn four trophies. By completing quests, learning magic spells and even engaging in a pie fight kids can be challenged all while spending an enjoyable time together.

Credited with having very high-quality cute playable characters, young gamers can be introduced into the wonderful world of Scythe. This is a wonderful game for nearly all ages and skill ranges.

My Little Scythe
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#3. Azul & Azul: Summer Pavilion

Azul Family Board Game

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30mins
Difficulty level: Easy

At the turn of the 16th century, the king commissioned Portugal’s greatest artisans to construct a grandiose building. The king ordered a summer pavilion to honor the most famous members of the royal family but unfortunately, the king died before construction could even begin.

In Azul: Summer Pavilion, players take on the task of constructing and completing the most beautiful designs. With the finest materials, players draft tiles and place them on their individual player boards to score points, but be careful to avoid wasting your supplies!

Azul is a wonderful introductory game into card drafting and pattern building. As a great addition, Azul: Summer Pavilion adds in the ability to gain a single wild tile that can be placed on your board.

If you’re looking for a game with design and patterns for your children Azul will have your kids creating intricate designs with beautiful tiles.

#4. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Lanterns Harvest Festival Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30mins
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

The harvest is in and it’s time to celebrate! Decorate the palace lake with beautiful floating lanterns to prepare for the upcoming festival.

In Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, players take turns to place tiles on the lake and all players receive lantern cards based on how you place the tile. That’s right, even your opponents get cards! When you create a set you earn points and more importantly bring honor to your family, of course.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a great board game for 8-year-olds as it includes many different types of mechanics like tile placement, hand management network building, and set collection. It definitely covers a lot of bases!

With colorful lantern cards and a cute wooden boat, this is an awesome abstract game with wide appeal.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
  • Voted most anticipated abstract strategy game of 2015 on board...
  • Beautifully crafted components
  • Tons of replay value

#5. Ingenious

Ingenious Board Game Box and Board

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 45mins
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

The ultimate family strategy game, Ingenious is another tile-placement game that’s perfect for family game nights. 

The game is made up of hexagonal shapes in which you lay your tiles. Players take turns placing color tiles on the game board. Players earn points when they match colored symbols. But there’s a trick to these ingenuous hexagons. The player with the highest score in their lowest score color wins!

Although it may sound a little complicated, Ingenious is really easy to learn, simple, and actually quite addictive! If you’re a fan of pattern building, you’ll love this domino-solitaire-style game that leaves little to chance. 

Ingenious is a rare game that appeals to serious gamers as well as casual non-gamers, and with its high replayability, it’ll have the family entertained for hours!

  • 1 to 4 players; 30-45 minute playing time
  • Game night pick: the ultimate family strategy game, Perfect for...
  • 2004 Spiel des Jahres nominee (game of the year)

#6. Dragonwood: A Game of Dice and Daring

Dragonwood Family Board Game

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20mins
Difficulty level: Easy

Do you dare to enter Dragonwood? In the deep heart of a mystical forest lurks the angry ogres, goblins, and even dragons. Will you be the bravest and emerge victoriously?

Dragonwood introduces strategic skills to beginner players as the landscape of the game is ever-changing. By collecting sets of adventure cards, players earn dice they can roll against their foes. 

This game includes some fun activities for your characters like shrieking at a grumpy troll, stomping on some fire ants, or even striking a menacing dragon with a magical sword.

Dragonwood is highly recommended for children around 8 years old as it’s easy to learn as well as a good introduction to fantasy games. Dragonwood seamlessly combines card drafting with dice rolling.

What a wonderful game for little adventurers. Take a walk through a mystical forest and let your imagination run wild… if you dare.

Dragonwood: A Game of Dice & Daring Board Game
  • Collect sets of adventurer cards to earn dice
  • Roll dice against your foes!
  • Choose your strategy carefully, the landscape of Dragonwood is...

#7. Agricola: Family Edition

Agricola: Family Edition Board Game Box and Board Setup

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 45mins
Difficulty: Easy

Guide your family to health, wealth, and prosperity!

Agricola: Family Edition is the introductory edition to the celebrated classic. To make it more family-friendly, the game features no cards and simplified rules. Players will begin with two family members on their farm but, of course, can grow their families throughout the game. This gives players a little more freedom while teaching the importance of having enough food. It can be challenging!

A simplified worker placement game, Agricola: Family Edition gives children the satisfaction of creating a well-built farm, no matter who wins the game!

Get your kids hooked into the world of Agricola and soon they’ll be top-notch farmers.

Agricola: Family Edition
  • STRATEGY BOARD GAME: Agricola is the classic game where players...
  • BUILD YOUR OWN FARM: You need room for yourself and your family,...

#8. Karuba

Karuba Board Game Box and Board

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30-40mins
Difficulty: Easy

Karuba is an addictive tile-based puzzle game for a family of treasure hunters. 

A team of adventurers is dropped off on the beach of a mysterious Island. They must explore the jungle to hunt for treasure with the ultimate goal of ransacking ancient temples. 

Think Indiana Jones meets the ultimate puzzler. Karuba is a network-building board game in which players lay their tiles on a grid to form paths. The game gets really fun as players are racing against each other to snatch the loot first.

In this fast-paced strategy game, every game can feel different as players take turns leading expeditions.

Karuba encourages children to find new ways of thinking all while having fun in the short playtime.

  • An addictive tile-based puzzle game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages...
  • Premise: A team of adventurers gets dropped off on the beach of a...
  • Lay your tiles on a grid to form paths in a fast-paced strategy...

#9. 5-Minute Marvel

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 5 mins
Difficulty level: Easy 

If you too have children obsessed with the Marvel universe, 5-Minute Marvel will have children begging for game nights!

5- Minute Marvel is a cooperation card game that’s very fast-paced, hence the 5 minutes in the name. Players will choose a Marvel hero and team up with other players to defeat the evil villains. 

The game can be frantic and chaotic, sure to keep everyone’s adrenaline pumping, even if just for 5 minutes. By slapping down cards to match the villain symbols, you’re able to destroy them. Quickly swipe the cards aside and move on to the all-powerful Thanos. 

5- Minute Marvel encourages teamwork, communication, strategy, with just a sprinkle of luck. With such a simple premise and a game that’s truly quick to play, 5-Minute Marvel is fun for all ages!

5-Minute Marvel
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#10. Carcassonne: Safari

Carcassonne Board Game Logo and Featured Image

Players: 2-5 
Playing time: 35mins
Difficulty: Easy

Inspired by the classic Carcassonne, Carcassonne: Safari takes you to the savannahs of Africa under the blazing African sun.

In Carcassonne: Safari, players join a safari group to explore the plains, spotting any wonderful animals that live there. Walk the paths, hide in the bush, and blaze new trails with a range of vehicles as you observe the watering holes where animals come to peacefully gather.

If your children are big animal fans like I was, Carcassonne: Safari will take them on a journey to discover many different exotic and beautiful animals.

Just like in the original, this game is a classic tile-laying game but just with a unique setting. With monkeys swinging and lions roaring in the shade, players have the option to place their figures on features they discover to score points. As in a normal safari, variety is key, so keep your eyes open as you explore the beautiful vistas of Africa.

Although a favorite version of Carcassonne for children, Carcassonne: Safari is great for all ages. Get your hands on this exciting stand-alone game and outsmart your opponents while observing the majesty of nature.

#11. Labyrinth

Labyrinth Family Board Game Header

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20mins
Difficulty: Easy

Ah, this Ravensburger classic, Labyrinth. Many parents will have fond memories of moving through the mazes themselves.

Labyrinth is an excellent puzzle-solving game for children that challenges players to move around the shifting paths of the labyrinth as quickly as possible to collect the treasures. To add a challenge, players will only know the next treasure after they find the one before.

Labyrinth is a tried and tested classic for children as it’s engaging and challenging. The rules are quick to learn and as players move through the mazes, tile-placing and network-building skills can be developed, all helping to practice essential cognitive skills.

Invest in this classic and find your way through the maze!

  • What You Get – Labyrinth comes with 1 game board, 34 maze...
  • Fun Play Experience – In Labyrinth, Ravensburger’s wildly...
  • Easy to U nderstand I nstructi ons – High quality, easy to...

#12. Don’t L.L.A.M.A Card Game

Players: 26
Playing time: 20mins
Difficulty: Easy

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Can you beat the llama? In this colorful card game, players get three options on every turn. Play a card, pick a card or quit. Although the rules are simple, Don’t L.L.A.M.A Card Game is definitely not as easy as it looks, bringing a little challenge and a lot of decision-making skills into play.

The goal is to play all your cards so you don’t get stuck with markers. Don’t let llamas and markers accumulate. 

Although this game may seem like an UNO rip-off at first glance, it has more strategy and substance. Goodbye UNO…. hello llama!

With colorful cards and an adorable llama on the box, Don’t L.L.A.M.A is an enticing, fun, and family-friendly game!

Don't L.L.A.M.A.
  • AGES 8+ | 2-6 PLAYERS: Great for your next family game night or...
  • AWARD NOMINATED: In 2019, Don't L.L.A.M.A. was one of just three...
  • EASY TO LEARN: The familiar gameplay and unique scoring system...

#13. Marrakech

Marrakech Board Game Box and Board Setup

Players: 24
Playing time: 30mins
Difficulty: Easy

Pay a visit to the carpet markets of Marrakech and display your carpets beautifully and tactfully!

The bazaar is bustling and the market organizer inspects the rugs to determine which of them is the best. Marrakech is a game of area control in which players try to force opponents to move Assam onto your carpets so they must pay you with their coins.

Essentially, players are trying to cover their opponent’s carpets. The rules are very simple and easy to teach making it a light family-friendly game.

A Mensa Select award winner, this game is great to build up strategy skills and learn about area control.

Marrakech is an excellent introduction to strategy games for children as it requires some critical thinking skills but the game time is quick and fun. With unique and beautiful board and pieces, Marrakech is an underrated gem.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • 2 to 4 players
  • Area Control Strategy Game

#14. Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard Board Game Logo Featured Image

Players: 3-6
Playing time: 45mins
Difficulty: Medium

Scotland Yard: a compelling detective game of dodging racing cornering and chasing.

Get ready to travel all around London chasing the mysterious Mr. X. Players take on the roles of detectives in the Scotland Yard and your job is to trace Mr. X’s routes as he travels around London.

Mr. X teases the police when he changes between taxis, buses, and the London Underground, all while trying to evade capture. Players devise plans and strategies to try and capture him before he strikes again.

In Scotland Yard, 8-year-olds can develop their deduction skills by guessing and using various clues to find the fugitive’s new location.

Scotland Yard needs a team of daredevil detectives, can you capture Mr. X?

Scotland Yard
  • One of the players takes on the role of Mr. X
  • Job is to move from point to point around the map of London...
  • Set includes a playing board, log book, visor, 6 playing pieces,...

#15. Hanabi

Hanabi Card Game

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 25mins
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Race the clock, build the fireworks, and launch your rockets!

Hanabi is a clever deduction card game with an electrifying twist! Players work together and must share as well as remember important information to play cards in the correct sequence.

As players cannot see their own cards, communication and cooperation are of the utmost importance. Hanabi teaches children key social skills of working as a team.

A fantastic board game with many mechanisms, Hanabi is easy to learn and play all while growing deduction, memory, and cooperative skills.

Light them all to create a dazzling display and avoid a fizzling fiasco!

Hanabi Card Game
  • For 2-5 Players
  • 2013 Spiele Des Jahres Game Of The Year
  • Takes About 20-30 Minutes To Play

#16. The Great Dragon Race

The Great Dragon Race Board Game Box and Board Setup

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 25-45mins
Difficulty: Easy

The Great Dragon Race takes racing to the next level!

It’s the first day of the international dragon championships and the first event is the prestigious obstacle course known as the Great Dragon Race. Take on the role of a skilled dragon rider and race your way to treasures!

The Great Dragon Race is a fun fantasy game in which players can delve into storytelling and immerse themselves in the backgrounds of each dragon and its rider. With bold and colorful artwork, this game is wonderful for children.

While dodging attacks like ballista bolts and flaming balls, players use special cards to advance to the finish. Encouraging imagination and adventure, the Great Dragon Race is a fantastic game for creative minds.

The Great Dragon Race
  • It's the first day of the International Dragon championships in...
  • Everyone will enjoy choosing a dragon rider and pretending to be...
  • There are story cards included so you can learn about the...

#17. Kingdomino Duel

Kingdomino Duel Board Game

Players: 2 
Playing time: 20mins
Difficulty: Easy 

Inspired by the classic Kingdomino, Kingdomino Duel is a territory-building board game that captures the medieval theme all in a compact package. This game is travel-friendly making a great for family trips or to play at school.

Kingdomino Duel is a two-player fantasy game in which players take turns rolling dice, putting them in pairs, and creating the dominoes they want. Slowly filling up your map, gather power from wizards who can cause powerful spells to allow you to rule over all the lands.

If you’re looking for some one-on-one time with your 8-year-olds, Kingdomino Duel is a perfect game as it’s a strictly 2-player duel. Kingdomino Duel encourages independent decision-making in a stress-free-style game with only one other player.

Roll, write and build your kingdom!

Kingdomino Duel
  • STRATEGY TABLETOP BOARD GAME: Kingdomino Duel was inspired by one...
  • KIDS, FAMILY OR ADULT STRATEGY GAME: This 2 player fantasy game...
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players take turns rolling 4 dice and combine their...

#18. Apples to Apples Junior

Apples to Apples Junior Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 4-10

Playing time: 30mins

Difficulty: Easy

A game of crazy combinations!

Apples to Apples Junior is a delightful game that helps children expand their vocabulary and thinking skills. With 576 cards, Apples to Apples Junior has high replayability for hours of fun!

Based on the popular party game Apples to Apples, the Junior version keeps the same hilarious fast-paced fun while building cognitive skills. Players match the red Apple card, a noun, with one of their green apple cards that contains an adjective. Cards include a wide range of people places things in events, the game is easy to learn and play, sure to provide loads of entertainment.

Apples to Apples can play up to 10 players making it perfect for kids’ parties and get-togethers!

Apples to Apples Junior
  • The Apples to Apples Junior family party game is made especially...
  • Players will delight in the crazy comparisons while expanding...
  • Each round, one player takes on the role of judge and plays a...

#19. Bang! The Dice Game

BANG! The Dice Game

Players: 3-8
Playing time: 15mins
Difficulty: Easy

In the Wild West, officers and bandits continue their fierce fights on the outskirts of the city. Suddenly, a swarm of arrows darkens the sky. The sheriff and his deputies must battle against the bandits and outlaws to bring peace to the West.

Bang! The Dice Game is a card game in which players each take on a role card. Roles can vary from sheriffs to outlaws and renegades. The last players alive, win!

At the heart of this game is some good ol’ fighting in which players must bluff and deduce who has which role card.

By using a process of elimination, children can learn deduction skills all while exposing or defeating the ruthless gunmen that surround them.

It’s the Wild West, can you survive?

BANG! The Dice Game
  • All the emotions of BANG! in a handful of dice: BANG! The Dice...
  • Five six-sided dice and nine Indian arrows; Will you be bold...
  • BANG! The Dice Game is the perfect game for those with a little...

#20. Dixit 

Dixit Board Game Box and Components

Players: 3-6
Playing time: 30mins
Difficulty: Easy

A storytelling game for kids and adults, Dixit shows that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Encouraging imaginative storytelling, Dixit is a classic light-hearted game in which your imagination unlocks the tale. With gorgeous artwork, players can be inspired and create their own stories.

In each round, a player picks up a card and thinks of a sentence that’s inspired by the card, then places it face-down again. The other players choose cards that they think would match the sentence. After secretly voting, the best match wins!

Dixit is a fantastic game for children’s imaginations as the cards are fantastical, dream-like situations that prompt creativity and storytelling.

  • STORYTELLING GAME: Dixit is the classic, simple, lighthearted...
  • CREATIVE GUESSING GAME: Each round, one player selects a card and...
  • ENGAGING DREAMLIKE ILLUSTRATIONS: Dixit features 84 cards with...


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best board games for 8-year-olds! Did we miss any of your children’s favorites? Which of these have you tried?

Board games can help children develop many cognitive and social skills in a stress-free environment. What board game did you play when you were 8 years old? Let us know your favorite childhood games in the comments down below!


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