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Best Board Games for 6-Year-Olds

With their minds developing, board games can mold and develop skills key to educational and social learning. On the list, we have some old favorites as well as newer games for your kids to have fun indoors! 

Keep your 6-year-olds entertained and educated with these top board games for 6-year-olds!

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Our Top Picks for Best Board Games for 6-Year-Olds

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Best Role-Playing

Stories of the Three Coins
Stories of the Three Coins is always a crowd-pleaser, and it’s filled with imagination and whimsy as players easily jump into their own worlds.

Best Cooperative

Outfoxed forces players to work together, but is also a fun whodunnit where players try to solve the mystery of who stole the pies.

Best Overall

The Magic Labyrinth
The Magic Labyrinth is extremely fun and lets younger kids explore their analytical side, all while offering a compelling game right out of the box.

#1. Stories of the Three Coins

Stories of the Three Coins Board Game Box and Contents

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 20 mins

The adventure game that you create.

If your kids are into storytelling, Stories of the Three Coins is the perfect addition. In a land called Storia, a traveler is searching for a happy ending, made up by players. 

Stories of the Three Coins is wonderfully creative and helps to develop creative thinking and communication skills. As players build the story together, it also helps build group strategy and problem-solving skills. 

Let the story begin…

Stories of the Three Coins
  • STORYTELLING: In the land of Storia, a Traveler searches for a...
  • GAMES THAT GROW: Use creative thinking, communication, group...
  • HEART & SOUL: Peaceable Kingdom products inspire cooperation,...

#2. Dragomino: My First Kingdomino

Dragomino Board Game Box and board

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 15 mins

Dragomino is essentially My First Kingdomino with a fun dragon fantasy theme!

This is a card drafting and tile placement game. Using a pattern-building mechanic, kids try to match dominoes already in play. Each matching domino gives you an egg that is empty or has a baby dragon inside!

Players will build their kingdoms and explore the landscapes. This is a fun game for the whole family to play and search for adorable dragons.

Who will find the most baby dragons?

Dragomino: My First Kingdomino
  • KID STRATEGY BOARD GAME- My first Kingdomino (Spiel de Jahres...
  • KID & FAMILY GAME- This 2 to 4 players fantasy game can be...
  • HOW TO PLAY- HOW TO PLAY: Dragomino is a Card Drafting and Tile...

#3. The Magic Labyrinth

The Magic Labyrinth Board Game Box and Contents

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20-30 mins

The Magic Labyrinth gives players the chance to lead their magicians through the invisible maze of mayhem. 

The Master Wizard has misplaced items and if you can collect them before he notices, you’ll be rewarded and win! Players race to collect missing objects all while remembering the layout of the maze. This is a brilliant game to exercise memory and foster network-building skills. 

Navigate through the maze and win the Master Wizard’s favor!

The Magic Labyrinth
  • Lead your Magician through an invisible maze.
  • If you hit a wall, you’ll have to start back at the beginning.
  • Race to collect missing objects, but remember the layout of the...

#4. Naval Battle

Naval Battle Board Game Box and Sample Game

Players: 2 
Playing time 10-20 mins

Naval Battle is an exciting and tactical action game. Destroy the enemy’s fleet, sink the ships, or capture their fort and win! 

If your kid is a lover of all things nautical, then this is the game for them! It comes will quality model ships and a fort to move along the ocean board. 

Naval Battle is a fun 2-player game that offers two different levels of difficulty making it quite versatile. 

Naval Battle is a great game for kids as it’s got a bit of strategy all while leaving enough space for imagination for your little adventurers.

Naval Battle
  • 🚢 EXCITING NAVAL BATTLE game with dynamic tactical battle ship...
  • 🏆 THRILL TO LEGENDARY BATTLESHIP GAME with a new twist. This...

#5. Catan Junior

Catan Junior Board Game Box and Board

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 30 mins

Now your kids can be a part of the Catan world too. Start ‘em early with Catan Junior!

Catan Junior is a strategy game for kids that takes place on the mysterious Spooky Islands. The Ghost Captain haunts the isles and protects the gold. Build your pirate lairs and expand your network too… and maybe you’ll get the gold! 

Catan Junior is a fun introduction game into the world of Catan all while maintaining a simpler style of play and adding fun additions to keep kids entertained, such as getting help from a wise pirate parrot!

Catan Junior
  • STRATEGY GAME FOR KIDS: CATAN Junior takes place on a ring of...
  • FUN ADVENTURE GAME FOR KIDS: You start with 2 pirate lairs, and...

#6. Sleeping Queens

Sleeping Queens Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 20 mins

In the castle, the Queens are sleeping. Can you wake them up from their royal slumber?

In this royally rousing card game, you can play a king and wake up a queen, but be careful to watch out for knights and potions! 

Sleeping Queens is actually a game invented by 6-year-olds for 6-year-olds! This whimsical game has loads of educational aspects that help children build strategy and develop memory skills.  A bonus is a need for simple addition and subtraction to help kids learn arithmetic.

Lift the sleeping spell and awaken the queens!

Sleeping Queens
  • Wake up the Queens form their royal slumbers!
  • Play a Knight to steal a queen or take a chance on a juggling...
  • Watch out for potions and dastardly Dragon!

#7. Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Ticket to Ride: First Journey Board Game Box and Board

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 15-30 mins

Build your tracks across the United States with strategy and a sense of adventure!

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a fun network-building game designed for young players. With unique rules, younger players can build strategy skills all while introducing them into the wonderful world of board games! 

A simple map helps players match color cards to claim their routes across the board! The cute trains are a nice edition that helps keep children entertained and physically propel their strategic play. 

Gather the family and start the adventure!

Ticket to Ride: First Journey
  • STRATEGY GAME: First Journey offers unique rules designed for a...
  • FUN ADVENTURE GAME: First Journey is the perfect way to introduce...
  • HOW TO WIN THIS GAME: In First Journey, the game ends when one...

#8. Outfoxed!

Outfoxed board game box and components

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 mins

A cooperative whodunit game. 

In Outfoxed, children become little detectives and need to gather clues as fast as they can. Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie is missing, you need to crack the case before it’s too late! The hungry hooligan of a fox is escaping out of town… Will you be outfoxed?

Outfoxed! teaches kids deductive reasoning all while working together in a team. Develop their critical thinking all while having fun! 

  • A cooperative whodunit game
  • Contains rules of play and in Spanish
  • Ages 5 and up

#9. Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero Board Game Box and Pieces

Players: 2-5
Playing time: 5-15 mins

Rhino Hero is a superhero. With the heart of a lion and the wits of a fox, he surely can accomplish anything.

Rhino Hero needs players’ help by balancing stacking cards in a 3D format. Young players learn to physically balance cards, encouraging motor skills and dexterity.

In this fast-paced board game of stacking cards, players can replay the game many times. 

Help Rhino Hero accomplish this wobbly construction mission and win!

Rhino Hero
  • What is that? Is that a rhino climbing up the wall? Rhino Hero is...
  • He is strong as a lion and as smart as a fox, but also as heavy...
  • Can you help Rhino Hero accomplish his wobbly construction...

#10. The Ladybug Game

The Ladybug Game Box and Board

Players: 2-4 
Playing time: 20 mins

A new adventure every time you play! 

Escape the praying mantis and feed the ants to make sure Ladybug arrives home safely. The Ladybug Game is a colorful board game for the whole family. Developing math skills as well as reading is what makes this a fantastic educational board game

The Ladybug Game is easy to learn and educational, in addition to providing exciting adventures.

As a bonus, you get to learn all about bugs too!

The Ladybug Game
  • HELP THE LADYBUGS FIND THEIR WAY HOME! Children lead their...
  • INVENTED BY A FIRST GRADER! Let it inspire your child! Makes a...

#11. Dinosaur Escape Game

Dinosaur Escape Game Box and Board

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 mins

Can you help the dinosaur escape before the volcano erupts?

The dinosaur friends are in trouble and they need to escape. With a good memory and a little luck, you can save them. Dinosaur Escape is a fun game in which players work together, use their memories, and rescue the dinosaurs. 

How do you save these prehistoric pals? By remembering the dinosaur’s matching cards, you help them escape one by one. The board game is colorful and 3D with adorable dinosaur figures.

Dinosaur Escape Game
  • THE VOLCANO IS RUMBLING: The dinosaur friends are lost in the...
  • LEARNING AND GROWING: Kids work together, use their memory and...
  • BENEFITS: Cooperative games cultivate emotional development,...

#12. Gnomes at Night

Gnomes at Night Board Game Box and Contents

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 15 mins

The Queen’s treasures have been stolen. Find your way through the twisty maze and recover the stolen loot. 

Gnomes at Night is a magnetic moving game in which players collect treasure before time runs out. Developing strategy as well as quick thinking, Gnomes at night is a wonderful game for children who enjoy quick play with a touch of time pressure. 

Cooperate together and move the gnomes to win!

Gnomes at Night
  • DARE TO ENTER THE MAZE: Gnomes at Night is a cooperative...
  • CALLING IN THE GNOMES: Twelve of the Queen’s most priced...
  • THE MAZES: The maze paths are different on each side of the...

#13. Scotland Yard Junior

Scotland Yard Junior Board Game Box and Map

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 mins

Where is Mister X hiding? Travel across London and solve the case in Scotland Yard: Junior. 

As top detectives working for Scotland Yard, players must find Mister X’s next hiding place before he deceives authorities and disappears into the London fog. This game, designed for young players, is a fun play experience all while increasing deduction skills at every exciting turn. 

This easy-to-learn, fast-paced game will leads kids along the river Thames and past the London Eye as they move across the playing board. Players work together to guess where mysterious Mister X could be.

Scotland Yard Junior
  • What you get - Scotland yard Junior comes with 1 playing board, 4...
  • Fun play experience - you can play a game in 15 minutes, and it's...
  • Easy to understand instructions - high quality, Easy to...

#14. SOS Dino

SOS Dino Board Game Box and Board

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 25mins

A cooperative game that the whole family will enjoy, SOS Dino leads players into the home of dinosaurs. 

Marie, Nessie, Freddy, and Louis are the adorable characters you’ll meet. They love to play around the lake until all of a sudden, the ground begins to shake. A volcano erupts! Find safety for the dinosaur friends and save their eggs!

With a similar theme to Dinosaur Escape, SOS Dino relies on players to save the dinosaurs, but with SOS Dino, tile placement is the key mechanism. Cooperation and tactical tile-laying help to teach children to move through the playing board while developing a strategy.

Win by saving the eggs while avoiding lava and meteor showers!

SOS Dino
  • TILE PLACEMENT TABLETOP BOARD GAME: SOS Dino is a cooperative...
  • HOW TO PLAY You must move the Lava, then move the Dinos on the...
  • This strategic but easy-to-play game encourages creativity. It...

#15. Cauldron Quest

Cauldron Quest Board Game Box and Contents

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 20 mins

Work your magic and break the spell! 

Cauldron Quest is a fun fantasy game in which an evil wizard has cast a wicked spell over the kingdom. Players form a team to find 3 enchanted ingredients that’ll break the spell. But beware, the wizard will try to block your path. 

In this grid-movement game, everyone wins or loses together. But with lots of teamwork and a touch of magic, your team can grab the ingredients before the wizard does. Caudron Quest is a fantastic game to encourage children to work together and problem solve as a group.

Cauldron Quest
  • SPELLBINDING FUN: Aspiring wizards and witches will love helping...
  • CAST SPELLS AND TRADE POTIONS: While working together, players...
  • BENEFITS: Cooperative games cultivate emotional development,...

#16. Clue Junior

Clue Junior Board Game Box and Board

Players: 2-6

Playing time: 15-20 mins

The classic game of Clue can be introduced to young players too! 

Oh no! A favorite toy is broken! In Clue Junior, players must solve the mystery. Discover which toy is broken, who broke it, and at what time the crime occurred. With many questions to answer, Clue: Junior is no piece of cake. 

While players roll the dice, they’ll use their deduction skills and develop a strategy to eliminate the possibilities. The game brings some classic favorites like Miss Scarlett, Col. Mustard, Mr. Green, Prof. Plum, and Mrs. Peacock into the mix.

Look under furniture, move the characters, and have fun solving the mystery!

Clue Junior
  • CLUE GAME FOR YOUNGER KIDS: Introduce kids ages 5 and up to the...
  • UH-OH A FAVORITE TOY IS BROKEN: Oh no! Somebody broke a toy! In...
  • WHO, WHAT, WHERE: Players try to solve the mystery of the broken...

#17. Guess in 10 (Animal Planet)

Guess in 10 Junior Board Game Box

Players: 2-6

An exciting guessing game for animal lovers!

Guess in 10: Animal Planet is a super fun guessing game for young learners to play. In this thrilling card game of questions, players can ask up to 10 questions to guess the animal. Is it a pet? Is it a carnivore? Wild guesses won’t get you far. By wisely choosing questions, kids can deduce which animal it could be. 

The game includes 50 pocket-size cards making it a great travel game or stocking stuffer. While having fun, you’ll learn about animals from all over the world! 

Guess in 10: Animal Planet
  • QUICK GAME OF SMART QUESTIONS - Divide yourselves up in teams, or...
  • STRATEGIZE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY - Make use of exciting features...
  • AWARD WINNING FUN FOR THE FAMILY - Winner Of The 2022 National...

#18. Stare! Junior

Stare! Junior Board Game Box and Components

Players: 2-10
Playing time: 60 mins

Fun, educational… and parents can play too! 

Stare! Junior gives players 30 seconds to stare at a picture on the card and recall as many details as possible. Memory is key but the cards are fun and exciting for kids too. With animations, comics, funny photos the interesting details children remember, make the game very funny! The game can be played solo or in teams too. Improve children’s visual memory skills all while having a blast. 

This is a fantastic game, particularly for ADHD spectrum children, and is used by many educational and child psychologists. 

Stare! Junior
  • Stare! Junior Board Game is a winner of the National Parenting...
  • Kids have 30 seconds to stare at an image on a card and recall as...
  • Images are varied and fun for kids to look at, it could be an...

#19. 5 Second Rule Junior

5 Second Rule Jr. Board Game Box and Components

Players: 3-99
Playing time: Unlimited

A family version of the ever-popular game. 

The rules are quite simple, read a card and give an answer! But… you only have 5 seconds to answer! 

This Junior version has simple questions like, ‘Games you play’ ‘Name three ice cream flavors’, ‘Superheroes, etc, and adds a twisted timer that makes a ‘Zoooop’ sound to add to the fun. 

This is a great game for a classroom or a kid’s party. With a high player count, everyone can play together in teams or alone. What seems super simple can be tricky, and funny answers make it a great time for all.

5 Second Rule Junior
  • A family version of the popular party game
  • Read a card and give an answer. But you have to do it in 5...
  • Silly answers are sure to slip out, and the whole family will...


We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best board games for 6-year-olds! These family-friendly, educational board games are great for early childhood development and fun for everyone in the family. Make Family Game Night a new tradition by starting when your kids are young! Let us know if we missed any of your favorites. Drop a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

Liked these games for 6 year olds? Check out our video round up of the best games for 5-6 year olds here:


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