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Best Board Game Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you know the ultimate dog lover, these top ten best board games will make the perfect gift

Stay in for the night and spend time with your favorite pup. If you’re looking for a board game for large groups, fast-play, kid-friendly, or simply a hilarious time, there’s a variety of fun dog-themed board games. Find the best game gifts for dog lovers below.

Let’s take a look at this paws-itively woofing wonderful list!

🏆 Our Top Picks for Best Board Game Gifts for Dog Lovers

In a hurry? Take a quick peek before you go.

Best Humor

Beagle or Bagel?
Identifying whether a picture is of a beagle or a bagel sounds simpler than it really is. This adorably cute game is an excellent silly game for dog lovers, especially beagle fans.

Best Kids

Dog-Gonnit is a great kids game that rewards players for taking care of our favorite 4-legged friends. It’s easy to play and teaches kids how to care for animals. 

Best Overall

Dogopoly takes our number one spot. It’s a tried and true classic that almost everyone will recognize, albeit with a doggy theme. Its universal appeal takes the wins the best board game gift for dog lovers.

#1. Dog-Gonnit

Players: 24
Playing time: 30mins

The unpredictable doggy adventure game.

Care for your dogs, win six hearts, and win! Dog-Gonnit is a board game that shows that owning a dog is full of adventure and unexpected things can happen. In this fun and engaging game, players work around the colorful board to purchase food, visit the vet, and give dogs lots of love.

With so many different things you can do, like owning a pet care business or adopting dogs, this fantastic board game teaches real-life dog-caring skills. Dog-Gonnit is an excellent gift for a family with younger kids.

  • TEACHES DOG CARING SKILLS: Owning a dog is full of adventure and...
  • GREAT FOR FAMILIES: Perfect for family game night, players...
  • AWARD-WINNING: Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal...

#2. Name That Puppy

Players: 36
Playing time: 5- 20mins

Name That Puppy is a card shuffling game in which players play the name, pick the puppies, shuffle the cards, and choose the winner based on the puppy with the best name. Perfect for the whole family, Name That Puppy is a top-notch dog lovers game with its 75 puppy cards.

The game is super easy to learn, play and has adorable puppies! What more could you want?

Name That Puppy
  • If you and your family love dogs, you'll love Name That Puppy!
  • Easy to play! Just pick the name, choose the puppy, pick the...
  • Great activity while staying home, camping, or taking time off...

#3. Dogopoly

Players: 2-8
Playing time: 90mins

A tail-wagging property trading game!

Dogopoly is a game based on our fantastic four-legged friends. With all the mechanisms of a trading property game, Dogopoly also provides some dog-eat-dog twists. 

With dogs arranged in size from big to small, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, players buy their favorite dog, collecting dog toys and trading them in for big juicy bones. The back of each card has fascinating facts like “Did you know that a Boxer is called a Boxer because it uses its front paws to play or fight?”. 

The aim of the game is to avoid the Kennel and advance to Go Fetch! Whatever happens… it’s a doggone good time.

  • For 2-6 players
  • DOG-OPOLY is a game based on our fabulous 4-legged friends, real...
  • Each dog deed is filled with fun facts about the breed

#4. Man Bites Dog

Players: 2-6
Playing time: 10mins

A hilarious headline card game about dogs.

Man Bites Dog has players dealt a hand of headline cards, each with a point value. When it’s your turn, you’ll create a headline all about dogs. In Man Bites Dog, the dealer deals five cards to each player. Players examine their cards and decide whether to discard any cards. The first player to win 500 points is the winner!  

It’s a fun game, easy to learn, and a good option for friends or family. If you’re looking for a fun, quick game with a dog theme, Man Bites Dog is your go-to gift

Man Bites Dog
  • Man Bites Dog from University Games is a hilarious headline game...
  • Score the most points by creating the most outrageous headlines
  • Boxed set is great for travel, family game night, or parties

#5. What the Woof

Players: 3-5
Playing time: 15- 25mins

Dogs are all about territory… and so is What the Woof.

What the Woof has players take on the role of a dog, each trying to gain the most territory. Players go through rounds trying to ‘mark’ as much territory as they can, all to become the Top Dog.

During the game, players do what dogs do, collect treats, chase squirrels, get belly rubs, and of course, pee on poles, all in the name of territory.

What the Woof is a fantastic game that’s easy to learn and easy to play. Another dog lover gift idea!

#6. Nuts About Mutts

Players: 3-8
Playing time: 15- 30

A howling good time for everyone!

Nuts About Mutts has players take on the role of a dog walker. Players have to drop off dogs by matching their breed, number, and color. The dog park has closed, the walk is over, and now it’s time to race to be home first.

You’ll have to be careful. A rival could play an action card that’ll tangle your leashes, and, perhaps, a naughty dog may escape. If you’re the first to drop all your dogs at home, you’ll win the happy mutt bone!

Nuts About Mutts has brilliant and vibrant artwork and includes a simple and advanced version making it a good choice for introductory and advanced players.

Nuts About Mutts
  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: When it comes to family fun, no one...
  • CLASSIC CARD GAME FEEL: Grandpa Beck’s Nuts About Mutts is an...
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Whether you are 5 or 105, Nuts About Mutts will...

#7. Operation Pet Scan

Players: 2
Playing time: 5-10mins

Remove the objects or get the buzzer! 

Oh no! Cavity Sam’s dog Rex Ray has swallowed a bunch of things he shouldn’t. Can you help Rex Ray? Operation Pet Scan has players treat each ailment from belly to tail, 

Operation Pet Scan comes with a magnetic ‘dog-o-scope’ which players use to slide along Rex Ray’s belly without letting it fall out. If you do, you’ll face funny sound effects, like farting, barking, and sighs of relief.

Operation Pet Scan is an entertaining board game that would be a perfect gift for children

Operation Pet Scan
  • PRETEND YOU'RE A VET: The Operation Pet Scan game has a twist on...
  • MAKE REX-RAY FEEL BETTER: Using the Dog-o-scope, players drag the...
  • WATCH OUT FOR THE BUZZ: If a player strays from the path and the...

#8. Beagle or Bagel?

Players: 2-6
Playing time: 20mins

A delicious game of optical illustrations.

Beagle or Bagel is a hilarious, goofy card game that’ll have you second-guessing yourself, as a curled-up dog looks similar to a bagel. 

In this board game, players flip cards fast to try to be the first to shout “Beagle” or “Bagel,” but this depends on who is showing the most cards on the table. 

Beagle or Beagle has three different ways of playing, which gives this game high replayability and can make it exciting and fun each time played.

Beagle or Bagel?
  • A fun family friendly challenge
  • 2-6 player game stimulating visual perception
  • Flip cards quickly and call out “Beagle” or “bagel”,...

#9. Farting Frenchies

Players: 2-12
Playing time: 15mins

Cute dogs, stinky food, and stealing. May the best (stinkiest) Frenchie win!

Farting Frenchies combines strategy and laughs through the adorable puppy eyes of a Frenchie. In this exciting card game, players collect, feed, and steal each other’s Frenchies. You’ll need to strategically heist their furry little friends to gain the top dog title.

This board game is a brilliant gift for dog lovers as it’s hilarious, strategic, and quick to learn, making it an excellent choice for all types of game nights.

If you’re a Frenchie fan, you’ll rub paws with all the famous Frenchies like social media’s Hobnob! You can even tag the game on social media.

Farting Frenchies
  • RUB PAWS WITH FAMOUS FRENCHIES: Hobnob with the who's-who of...

#10. The Dog Game

Players: 3-6
Playing time: 20mins

The “pawesome” family game (with doggos).

Dog Game is a brilliant family game that’ll have you asking, “What do dogs think about?”. Players try to match dog pictures to different dog thoughts and questions each round. The winner of the round is the voted best answer.

Dog Game encourages creativity in the silliest way. This is a hilarious game for party animals and dog lovers alike.

The Dog Game
  • HILARIOUS FAMILY GAME: Family game night just got wackier! Play...
  • EASY TO LEARN, FUN TO PLAY: Players compete to match dog pictures...
  • INTERACTIVE FAMILY GAME: The Dog Game encourages players to get...


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best board game gifts for dog lovers! You won’t be barking up the wrong tree with any of these picks! Have you tried any of the games on this list? Do you have the ultimate gift for dog lovers? Let us know in the comments below! 

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