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Best Batman Video Games

Best Batman Video Games

The Caped Crusader is one of the most iconic heroes in comic books. Ever since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, Batman has been a part of pop culture. 

Since Batman first struck terror into the hearts of Gotham City’s underbelly, there have been dozens of Batman-themed video games, and they’ve only gotten better as time went on. 

Today we’re looking at all things Batman and the best Batman video games that you can play today.

🏆 Our Top Picks for Best Batman Video Games

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Best Villains

Batman: Arkham Knight

Best PC

Batman: Arkham City

Best Overall

Batman Arkham Collection (Xbox One)

Best Batman Video Games Featured Image

Best Batman Video Games for Xbox

Best Batman Video Games for PlayStation

Best Batman Video Games for PC


“I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman.”

-Bruce Wayne/Batman, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Batman video games! Have you tried any of the games on this list? We’d love to hear about your favorites or any great Batman video games we missed. Drop a comment below and school us on your knowledge of the Dark Knight.

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