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Best Bard Spells 5e

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

Bards are the quintessential performers. Their spells typically buff allies, debuff enemies, and have social or utility effects. They may not be able to deal much damage during their combat turns, but they can guarantee that their allies are motivated to succeed. After all, everyone could benefit from a good show to brighten their day. Bards are full casters. Full casters can ultimately learn spells up to 9th level as their adventures progress.


Bards begin with two cantrips at level 1. They gain a 3rd cantrip at level 4 and a 4th at level 10. Unlike leveled spells, cantrips are not interchangeable.

GameCows Tip: There is an optional rule to change out a cantrip when you reach a level that gives an ASI (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 19th). Talk to your DM about it!

Minor Illusion

This is a fantastic spell for imaginative players. A five-foot cube is quite large, and you could easily use this cantrip to conceal a door, object, or person. In a pinch, you could make it look like a wall and hide in a corner to avoid detection by the hapless guards.

Vicious Mockery

This cantrip is unique to bards and very fun to use since it involves blatantly insulting your enemies. You won’t do much damage with it, but giving your opponent a disadvantage on their next attack roll is great because it applies to weapons, spells, and natural weapons.

1st Level

You gain access to 1st-level spells at level 1.

Healing Word

This is a handy healing spell that functions as a bonus action. On the same turn, you can heal someone and cast a cantrip.

Silvery Barbs

You can cast this spell whenever anyone rolls a d20. Furthermore, one creature (conceivably you) can gain advantage on their next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw from this spell. If a foe rolls a natural 20, for example, you can use your reaction to compel them to reroll and use the lower roll, effectively negating the natural 20.

2nd Level

You gain access to 2nd-level spells at level 3.


Staying invisible for up to an hour is a huge benefit for anyone who might not typically be very stealthy. You can also cast this on your Rogue or Ranger and send them scouting ahead.

See Invisibility

Remember how good Invisibility is? Negate that with this spell.

3rd Level

You gain access to 3rd-level spells at level 5.


You’re probably the face of your party with such high Charisma, so you’ll need to understand other languages and make yourself understood. You might even defuse a few fights.

4th Level

You gain access to 4th-level spells at level 7.

Greater Invisibility

Remember how incredible Invisibility is? This spell allows you to cast it on yourself for a full minute (the equivalent of ten rounds of combat), and nothing can break your Invisibility as long as you maintain Concentration.

When you cast a spell, attack another creature, or force another creature to make a saving throw, your usual Invisibility is broken. In the midst of battle, you want to be able to do all of those things while remaining hidden.


This is an excellent choice for either defensive or offensive measures. You or an ally can transform into a beast with many hit points, such as a mammoth, or into something with a vicious attack, such as a T-Rex.

If you don’t need to awaken the beast in your friends, you can transform your foe into something harmless, such as a bunny or a sea slug. We will not be held liable for any subsequent Monty Python shenanigans if you choose a bunny.

5th Level

You gain access to 5th-level spells at level 9.


According to the creators of this spell, the sky is the limit. The duration varies depending on what you make, but everything has a reasonable time limit except for Adamantine.

You can make clothes, food, giant rocks, arrows for your archer, a fishing line, an offensive marble statue, gemstones, and anything else you can think of. The gems are only available for ten minutes, but that’s plenty of time to barter them and get out of Dodge.

6th Level

You gain access to 6th-level spells at level 11.

Otto’s Irresistible Dance

While not always the best option for depriving an enemy of their actions, this spell is the most amusing. You order a foe to dance in a style of your choice, so even if they pass their Wisdom saving throw on their first turn, you’ve forced them to waste their action and likely given a few allies advantage on their attacks. Your opponent may be so disheartened by the encounter that they abandon the fight.

7th Level

You gain access to 7th-level spells at level 13.

Mirage Arcane

This is a complicated spell, but the end result is a one-mile-wide interactable illusion. You can create fictitious buildings to sleep in, imaginary food to eat, illusory fire to burn your enemies, fake lakes to drown them in, or fantastical terrain to bamboozle them into straying somewhere dangerous.

When you injure enemies with your illusion, they take damage as if it were real, so even if they realize it’s an illusion, they appear to take the same amount of damage.

8th Level

You gain access to 8th-level spells at level 15.


Glibness, like Enhance Ability, affects all of your Charisma checks, including ability checks with Dispel Magic and Counterspell. This spell, unlike Enhance Ability, does not rely on rolls. Anyone could roll poorly twice in a row, but with this spell, you can just take a flat number and never fail.

9th Level

You gain access to 9th-level spells at level 17.


Every encounter and obstacle is turned into a joke by this spell. You or an ally can see into the future for eight hours. They have advantage on all rolls and disadvantage when attacking other creatures. However, it takes a minute to cast, so you can’t use it in the middle of a fight.

Bard Spells 5e Complete List

Here are the full list of Bard Spells in 5e:


1st Level Spells

2nd Level Spells

3rd Level Spells

4th Level Spells

5th Level Spells

6th Level Spells

7th Level Spells

8th Level Spells

9th Level Spells

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