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Best 8-Player Board Games

Two is a company, three’s a crowd, eight’s a party, right? Something like that!

We understand the struggle of juggling friend groups who want to play different games. You might have a group who enjoys relaxing and laughing while playing board games so, we’ve added a few modern classics like Codenames and Incan Gold (Diamant). 

But, of course, there’s the circle of lovable sociopaths who thrive when deceiving and trust none. Brilliant board games like Deception: Murder in Hong Kong and Salem 1692 will keep them entertained while you take notes as to how worried you should be. 

Gather your best and enjoy these hilarious, interesting, and all-around epic board games, perfect for 8-players!

🏆 Our Top Picks for Best 8-Player Board Games

In a hurry? Take a quick peek before you go.

Best Cooperative

Eldritch Horror
  • THRILLING GAME OF TERROR AND ADVENTURE: Ancient evil is stirring...
  • SCARY STRATEGY GAME: Defeat foul monsters, travel to Other Worlds...
  • COOPERATIVE MYSTERY GAME: Brave investigators team up to pit...

Best Bluffing

One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  • Each player gets a unique role: A Werewolf, Seer, Troublemaker,...
  • After a secret night phase that includes changing roles, players...
  • Includes a free iOS/Android app that makes playing incredibly...

Best Overall

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • Game includes 12 Role cards, 200 Clue cards, 90 Means cards, 32...
  • German (Publication Language)

#1. Captain Sonar

Captain Sonar Board Game Box, Components, and Art

Players: 2- 8
Playing time: 45- 60mins

For crew eyes only…

Deep beneath the ocean waves, an unseen war is waged by rival corporations. Every role is critical as a captain is nothing without his crew, so prepare for battle.

Captain Sonar is a highly interactive game that has players take control of a submarine. The main task at hand, locate and destroy the enemy submarine before they do so to you. 

In Captain Sonar all members of a team sit on one side of a table, each taking on a specific crew member role. 

The game has two distinct game modes. You can either play turn-by-turn or experience the frantic panic of simultaneous play. Each option brings its own unique elements. The game also comes with five unique maps and scenarios which offer high replayability. 

Remember, communication is key if you stand a chance to open fire and win the game! 

Captain Sonar
  • A tense new game of dueling submarines for 2 to eight players
  • Each player takes on 1 of 4 roles on the submarine: Captain,...
  • Use your submarine's systems to find and destroy the enemy sub...

#2. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Deception Murder Hong Kong Board Game Box and Components

Players: 4-12
Playing time: 20mins

Who among you can see through the lies or is capable of not getting caught?

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a game of intrigue, murder, deduction, and deception. If you’re looking for a social deduction board game to play with friends, this is one of the best.

In the game, one player is the murderer who secretly chooses their weapon and the evidence that they leave behind. Another player is the forensic scientist who knows the answers but can only express them through analysis of the scene. The rest of the players are investigators, out to solve the crime and find the killer.

In this collaborative game, investigators must use their deductive skills and find the killer. The killer must mislead and confuse to save themselves. Cracking the guess is more difficult than you’d think and you’ll be staking your badge on your guess. 

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is fantastic for a group of eight as you’ll find yourself immersed in the investigation, trying to figure out which of your friends is deceiving you. 

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • Game includes 12 Role cards, 200 Clue cards, 90 Means cards, 32...
  • German (Publication Language)

#3. Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror Board Game

Players: 1- 8
Playing time: 120- 240mins

The world stands on the brink of collapse…can you find out what’s truly happening?

A Lovecraftian novel-based game filled with adventure, you’ll need to settle in for this one, Eldritch Horror can take up to four hours to play but it’s well worth it. 

Set in the year 1926, an unfathomable power is awakening, bringing death, torture, and utter madness. With it, strange cults and monsters create havoc around the world as the fabric of reality tears, opening gates to horrid other worlds. All are terrified but a few. 

In Eldritch Horror, players work cooperatively as a team of investigators from all walks of life. You must travel to the darkest corners of the Earth, face lurking creatures, and seek out the truth of the Ancient One. 

Eldritch Horror never feels like a static game as there are mystery cards that help drive the story and game to different destinations and dangers. 

Eldritch Horror
  • THRILLING GAME OF TERROR AND ADVENTURE: Ancient evil is stirring...
  • SCARY STRATEGY GAME: Defeat foul monsters, travel to Other Worlds...
  • COOPERATIVE MYSTERY GAME: Brave investigators team up to pit...

#4. Codenames

Codenames Board Game Box and Game Components

Players: 2- 8
Playing time: 15mins 

Top secret: You’ll love this game.

Codenames has two rival spymasters who know the secret identity of 25 agents, but their teammates only know the agents by their codenames. 

The two teams must compete to see who can figure out and make contact with all their agents first. The spymasters can only give one-word clues to help. Teammates try to figure out the clues for their teams while everyone tries to avoid the assassin at all costs. 

Codenames has become a top contender in the party games genre. It’s easy to learn, works well with a bigger group, and is downright fun to play. 

  • Work together to contact all of your agents before the other...
  • A perfect party game experience for game nights
  • 2-8+ player (in two teams)

#5. Saboteur

Saboteur board game box and cards

Players: 3- 10
Playing time: 30mins

You and your fellow dwarves (you read that right) are digging for gold in a maze of mining tunnels. But, not all are honest… there are deceiving saboteurs trying to foil your efforts and steal your gold. 

Saboteur is a strategy card game where players collect and play path cards that’ll hopefully lead to the treasure. It’s miners vs. saboteurs as you race for the gold. Players will need to overcome cave-ins, broken lanterns, busted pick-axes, and whatever you do, hide your identity and don’t trust anyone…

The road, or rather, the tunnel is long with many obstacles along the way but in the end, if you’re the dwarf with the most gold, you’ll win!

  • AGES 8+ | 3-10 PLAYERS
  • GREAT FOR GAME NIGHTS: Simple-to-learn strategy card game, with a...
  • FUN FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: The Saboteur changes on every game

#6. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf 6-Player Board Game

Players: 3- 10
Playing time: 10mins

No moderator, no elimination, no downtime. There’s a werewolf on the loose, will you be one of the good guys or the bad guys?

One of the most popular party games, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is perfect for a casual gaming session as it’s a quick game where everyone takes on a role. 

In the course of only one night and the following morning, players must figure out who among them is a werewolf. If not, the werewolf might strike again. 

Of course, there’s the wicked werewolf, the tricky troublemaker, and the innocent villagers, but One Night Ultimate Werewolf has dozens of characters, each with special abilities that’ll help the group gain more information. 

You’ll be howling at the moon to play again!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  • Each player gets a unique role: A Werewolf, Seer, Troublemaker,...
  • After a secret night phase that includes changing roles, players...
  • Includes a free iOS/Android app that makes playing incredibly...

#7. Incan Gold (Diamant)

Incan Gold Educational Board Game

Players: 3- 8
Playing time: 30mins

Diamant (also published as Incan Gold), is a clever and quick stop-and-go game that takes players on epic adventures as they search for forgotten treasures. But, pay attention to the traps or you could lose it all. 

 A push your luck game, lots is going on but it’s still easy enough for eight people to follow. 

In the game, players venture down the rickety shafts and risk their lives traipsing through jungles to gain as many gems they can get a hold of. 

Players turn up cards from the deck and evenly share out the gems, but before the next card is revealed, you want to stash your goods and leave the mine because the deck also has hazards like snakes, scorpions, poisonous gas, and rockfalls. 

It’s a delicate balancing act of how much and for how long can you risk. Diamant is a great option for a group of kids as it’s simple to learn and play and brings a lot of laughter.

Incan Gold
  • Plays excellently with 3 to 8 family players as a push-your-luck...
  • Light strategy game that incorporates risk-taking and...
  • Exercises analytical and critical-thinking and develops good...

#8. Secret Hitler 

Secret Hitler Board Game

Players: 5-10
Playing time: 45mins

Secret Hitler is a social deduction game where players try to find and stop a ‘Secret Hitler’ from rallying fascists and controlling the government. 

To begin, players are secretly divided into the liberals and the fascists. The fascists know each other and must work to cause distrust among liberals so they can pass their laws. The liberals must find and stop the cold-blooded leader before it’s too late.

With each round, a player is elected as President, another as Chancellor who works to help pass a law. If a fascist law is passed, the liberals must try to figure out who’s to blame.

The game is also manufactured really well. It comes with beautiful wooden components, a solid board, and well-made secret envelopes and cards. Definitely an all-around winner of a game for your group of 8!

Secret Hitler
  • A fast-paced game of deception and betrayal
  • Beautiful wooden components
  • Solid game boards with foil inlay

#9. Spyfall 2

Spyfall 2 Board Game Box and Cards

Players: 3- 12
Playing time: 15mins

A social guessing game, Spyfall 2 will turn your party into an interrogation that would rival the intensity and absurdity of Shrek’s “Do you know the Muffin Man?” scene. 

Spyfall is played over multiple rounds, At the beginning of each round, each player receives cards showing the same location, except one. One player will receive a ‘spy’ card. From there, players ask each other questions, trying to guess who is the spy. If the spy can figure out their location before the round is over, they win. 

Spyfall is easy to learn and filled with bluffing, probing questions, clever answers, and suspicion. Spyfall 2 is worth the upgrade as the game features more locations, more players, and the option for two spies. Sometimes, more is more. 

Whatever you do, keep your cool, and don’t blow your cover. 

Spyfall 2
  • DON'T BLOW YOUR COVER: The hit social party game is back with...
  • WALK A MILE IN THE SHOES OF A SPY: Players ask each other...
  • NEW TO THIS EXPANSION: In SPYFALL 2, players can add a second Spy...

#10. Salem 1692

Salem 1692 Board Game

Players: 4- 12
Playing time: 25- 35mins

Good puritans be wary, witches be among us…

It’s 1692 in Salem and the witch hunt is on. Who are your friends? Who is your foe? Only time will tell. 

Salem 1692 is a unique strategic and social deduction game where you work to accuse your fellow players of witchcraft by any means necessary. Use strategy or deceit, all is fair game while hunting witches. 

During the gameplay, players will collect cards to accuse or defend others. Players need to decide who to trust very carefully as you can’t play a card and save yourself. Before long, accusations are flying and tempers are running hot. 

Salem 1692
  • THE HUNT IS ON: In Salem 1692, the witch hunt is heating up. Who...
  • FLYING ACCUSATIONS: Accuse your friends of witchcraft using...
  • DARK MAGIC: This original game is for 4-12 players and lasts...


We hope you enjoyed reading about the best 8-player board games! What’s your favorite 8-player board game? Did we miss any of your favorites? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.


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