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Kendra Bruning

Kendra has always been a hardcore fantasy nerd. Growing up in the worlds of Tolkien, Sanderson, Jordan, and Abercrombie, DnD & board games just came naturally. She and her husband, Bryan, started GameCows.com in 2018 as a fun passion project that just took over their lives. An avid board gamer since childhood and chronic DnD chronicler for more than two decades, she loves to play, write, travel, and learn dead languages.
Spell Save DC 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Spell Save DC 5e

Learn All About Spell Save DC and Become Your Party’s Personal Superhero No matter what we tried, we could not fend off the mage’s blistering

Schools of Magic 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Schools of Magic 5e DnD

“The world of magic is vast. Far too vast for any one wizard.” The wizened old man droned on and his students barely paid attention.

Enemies Abound 5e Spell DnD
Kendra Bruning

Enemies Abound 5e Spell

Enemies Abound 5e is an entertaining and powerful spell that allows the caster to create a number of illusions of enemies to distract and divert

Mind Spike 5e Spell DnD
Kendra Bruning

Mind Spike 5e Spell

Today we dive into the twisted abyss that is our own mind… Or rather, our enemies’ minds! That’s right, today we’re talking about Mind Spike,

Holy Weapon 5e Spell DnD
Kendra Bruning

Holy Weapon 5e Spell

Purge the non-believers! Convict the heretics! Purify the realm! It’s time to take a closer look at a powerful enchantment: Holy Weapon Spell. Whether used

Grung 5e Race DnD
Kendra Bruning

Grung 5e Race

One of the great things about DnD, and RPGs in general, is that these are worlds of your own design. That means that although the

Bonus Action 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Bonus Action 5e

When it comes to combat in the Dungeons & Dragons world, things can get confusing, especially if you are relatively new to the game. Combat

Forest Encounters 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Forest Encounters 5e

The game’s very name implies that the gaming experience takes place underground, in secret subterranean temples and castle basements. Indeed, the early incarnations of DnD

Necrotic Damage 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Necrotic Damage 5e

Many types of damage can be inflicted on adventurers in the DnD universe, above and beyond the usual weapons-inflicted hazards that are part and parcel

Yklwa 5e DnD Weapon
Kendra Bruning

Yklwa 5e

A must-have DnD weapon with unique properties. “Without warning, the Chultan Dwarf pulled out a long, strange-looking spear. I didn’t imagine she could launch such

Song of Rest 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Song of Rest 5e

A little ditty when your party’s feeling gritty. “Our nerves were frayed, and the enemy was close. We dared not sleep. But the Bard spun

Celestial Creatures in 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Celestial Creatures 5e

The worlds we create to house our campaigns and adventures are strange and fantastic places. That is, after all, why we play such games, for

Radiant Damage 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Radiant Damage 5e

Apart from the usual physical damage administered in quite evident and logical ways — a rock falls on your head, or an angry goblin is

Pseudodragon Familiar 5e

It’s a pet! It’s a dragon! It’s a pet dragon! See what Pseudodragons do…and how to ride one. What is a Pseudodragon Familiar 5e? Familiars

Aberrations 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Aberrations 5e

It is fair to say that, compared to our world, most DnD settings will be strange and alien. That is the fun of why we

Fire Damage 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Fire Damage 5e

Even in the modern world, the risk of fire, in the home or workplace, from accidents, environmental issues, and deliberate arson is a real problem.

Kalashtar 5e DnD Race
Kendra Bruning

Kalashtar 5e

Psychic dream shamans rebelling against the encroaching dark. “The dark eye is watching me, though not in dreams. I do not dream, though others tell

Ensnaring Strike Spell 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Ensnaring Strike 5e Spell

Listen up, fledging Ranger! There are plenty of skills starting out (and plenty more on the horizon), but today we’re going to talk about perhaps

Ice Knife Spell 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Ice Knife 5e Spell

Now here’s a chillingly interesting spell in Dungeons and Dragons: Ice Knife! Just by the name, you can begin to imagine what the spell does

Earth Tremor Spell 5e DnD
Kendra Bruning

Earth Tremor 5e

Greetings adventurers and dungeon delvers! The topic today isn’t flashy and eye-catching, but when applied in the correct circumstances can leave your enemies quaking in