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Aura of Life 5e Spell

Aura of Life 5e Spell

Aura of Life is a level 4 Abjuration spell found on the Cleric and Paladin spell lists. It requires a verbal component and lasts up to ten minutes with concentration.

Aura of Life creates a healing space radiating 30 feet from the caster when cast. Any non-hostile creature within the aura has a resistance to necrotic damage. Non-hostile creatures starting their turn in the aura regain 1 HP if at 0 HP.

Aura of Life 5e Spell Description

Source: Player’s Handbook

Life-preserving energy radiates from you in an aura with a 30-foot radius. Until the spell ends, the aura moves with you, centered on you. Each non-hostile creature in the aura (including you) has resistance to necrotic damage, and its hit point maximum can’t be reduced. In addition, a non-hostile, living creature regains 1 hit point when it starts its turn in the aura with 0 hit points.

Aura of Life 5e Stats

Level 4th-level
School Abjuration
Casting Time 1 action
Range Self (30-foot radius)
Components Verbal
Duration Concentration, up to 10 minutes
Spell Lists Cleric, Paladin

Is Aura of Life a good spell?

Aura of Life is a good spell. It can be a formidable way to keep an entire party alive in a desperate situation.

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