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Artificer Spells 5e List

Artificer Spells 5e List

The Artificer was a late addition to the Dungeons & Dragons world. It was the solution to the question of why no one was creating cool steampunk things. The official rules permit artificers to be proficient in guns and gunpowder-based weaponry, but you’ll need to check with your DM to see if that’s something they want to include in their campaign.

Artificers are a strong class choice even without the guns. They improvise with machinery and infuse everyday items with magical essence. For an added bonus, they can create magical items, attune to them, and enchant armor, shields, and weapons. With all of that knowledge, it’s no surprise that they cast their spells using Intelligence-based casting! Find a list of the Best Artificer Spells below.

Spell Slot Progression

Artificers, unlike other spellcasting classes, are considered half-casters. This means that, while they can cast magic spells, they must learn them slowly and do not gain as many spell slots as full casters. They only learn spells up to fifth level. Artificers can handle themselves in and out of combat in a variety of ways that do not rely solely on magic.

Alchemists use potions that enhance certain abilities, Artillerists have small magical cannons, Armorers wear magically enhanced armor, and Battle Smiths have robotic pets that participate in combat with them. Artificers can also create magic items and attune to more of them than other classes, so they gain extra features.

Prepared Vs. Learned Spells

Because Artificers are prepared casters, you can take situational spells if you believe they will benefit your party’s current situation. However, most players have a set of go-to spells they prepare daily.


Artificers start with two cantrips at level 1. They gain a 3rd cantrip at level 10 and a 4th at level 14. Unlike leveled spells, cantrips are not interchangeable. Once you’ve selected a cantrip, you’ll need to keep it. An optional rule lets a character change out a cantrip when they reach a level that confers an ASI (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th for the Artificer).

Booming Blade

This spell is only suitable for Battle Smiths. Under most circumstances, you want to stay out of melee combat, but the build of the Battle Smith is to dive into the brawl with your trusty robot companion.

Fire Bolt

This is a good cantrip for Artificers who aren’t in melee. It has excellent range and does substantial damage. While many creatures resist fire damage, it isn’t a bad spell when you need to just hurt something.

Green-flame Blade

Because this cantrip requires enemies to be near each other, your mileage may vary. Armorers and Battle Smiths could find themselves in melee situations frequently enough to want to hit multiple foes with a single swing of the sword. Read our full guide to Green Flame Blade 5e.


You should take Guidance. There’s no reason not to, and it’s probably the best cantrip in the game. Because this spell is so powerful, only Clerics and Druids have access to it besides you. It’s a concentration spell, but since it’s intended for use outside of combat, that’s rarely an issue.

Cast Guidance on someone to give them an extra 1d4 to their initiative roll if you have a surprise round or can prepare before combat.


Artillerists and Battle Smiths seriously need this spell, but most Artificers could use it. You might not want it to be one of your two cantrips if you also take Guidance, but you’ll likely rue not being able to fix all of your beautiful inventions. 

1st Level

You gain access to 1st level spells at level 1.

Cure Wounds

Healing spells never hurt anyone.

Feather Fall

It’s strange how often people fall in DnD. This spell is a reaction, and it’s enormously valuable at low levels to keep your party from dying.

2nd Level

You gain access to 2nd level spells at level 5.


Aid is a fascinating spell. It increases your target’s maximum hit points, so temporary hit points still stack with it. You can even use it to heal someone at 0 hit points and bring them back to consciousness. You get three targets, and they continue to benefit for eight hours.

Spider Climb

Soon after you gain access to this spell, you can use an Infusion for Winged Boots and fly, but being able to climb a wall while keeping your hands free is never a bad idea.

3rd Level

You gain access to 3rd level spells at level 9.


Anyone who can take this spell should do so as soon as possible. Bringing someone back from the dead is costly, but the alternatives are much higher level and require more complex rituals that take longer than an action.

Tiny Servant

This spell makes a robot that works like an improved familiar. Like a familiar, it isn’t made to be in battle, but it has a good range for blindsight and can be a scout. It can also help you follow an invisible foe.

4th Level

You gain access to 4th level spells at level 13.

Arcane Eye

A fantastic scouting spell that allows you to peek into the next room and see what you should be prepared for.

Stone Shape

A lot of terrain in DnD involves large amounts of stone, so being able to reshape it to fit your needs is beneficial. You can set a trap, open a door, deactivate a violent figurine, or hoodwink someone into tasting your cask of Amontillado.

5th Level

You gain access to 5th level spells at level 17.


According to the designers of this spell, the sky is the limit. The duration varies depending on what you make, but everything has a reasonable time limit except for Adamantine. You can make clothes, snacks, giant rocks, cat toys for a dragon, a blanket fort, precious gems, or even an iron throne for all your conquering needs.

Wall of Stone

As previously stated, the stone is plentiful in DnD, and there are numerous ways to manipulate it. Keep your enemies at bay while you strategize how to subdue them. Use a disastrous area effect like Sickening Radiance or Delayed Fireball for even more impact. You can also build a nice castle when you’re done adventuring.

Artificer 5e Spells Complete List

Here is a complete list of Artificer 5e Spells in 5th Edition DnD:


1st Level Artificer Spells

2nd Level Artificer Spells

3rd Level Artificer Spells

  • Ashardalon’s Stride
  • Blink
  • Catnap
  • Create Food and Water
  • Dispel Magic
  • Elemental Weapon
  • Flame Arrows
  • Fly
  • Glyph of Warding
  • Haste
  • Intellect Fortress
  • Protection from Energy
  • Revivify
  • Tiny Servant
  • Water Breathing
  • Water Walk

4th Level Artificer Spells

5th Level Artificer Spells

  • Animate Objects
  • Bigby’s Hand
  • Creation
  • Greater Restoration
  • Skill Empowerment
  • Transmute Rock
  • Wall of Stone