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Arcane Trickster 5e Spells List

Arcane Trickster 5e Spells List

Because Arcane Trickster 5e is the only Rogue subclass that grants access to spells, this article will primarily focus on that subclass. Rogues can also take the Magic Initiate feat, which grants them access to two cantrips and one first-level spell. We strongly recommend Wizard because spells like Arcane Trickster work based on your Intelligence score.

It’s worth mentioning that you use the Wizard spell list and that the majority of spells you take must be classified as Enchantment or Illusion. For example, if you start with three first-level spells, two of them must be Enchantment or Illusion.

Spell Slot Progression

Arcane Tricksters are categorized as quarter casters. Quarter casters can eventually learn spells up to 4th level as their adventures progress. When multiclassing, add your level divided by three to your other full casting class to determine how many spell slots and levels you can access.

Keep in mind that gaining levels in Arcane Trickster and another casting class grants you access to higher-level spell slots but not higher-level spells. This is less of an issue if you have many low-level spells that you can upcast (or cast at higher levels).

When you reach levels 8, 14, and 20, you can learn spells from any school of magic. Additionally, as you level up, you can swap out one spell for another of equal level. If you swap out spells from levels other than those listed above, your new spell must be Enchantment or Illusion.

Prepared Vs. Learned Spells

Arcane Tricksters are learned casters with a limited number of spells, so choose spells that enhance your martial abilities. This allows full casters to cast social, healing, and utility spells while you concentrate on sneaking.


At level 3, Arcane Tricksters gain two cantrips in addition to the mandatory cantrip Mage Hand. At level 10, they gain a fourth cantrip. Cantrips, unlike leveled spells, are not interchangeable. Once you’ve decided on a cantrip, you must stick with it for the duration of your adventure. Talk to your DM about an optional rule that allows a character to swap out a cantrip when they reach a level that grants an Ability Score Improvement (4th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 16th, and 19th for the Rogue).

Booming Blade

Booming Blade prevents foes from moving after you hit them, but it’s useful for a Rogue because it requires a weapon attack. Sneak Attack only applies to weapon attacks, so unless your DM is generous with their homebrewing, you’ll have to rely on spells that require you to make a weapon attack as part of the somatic part of the spell.

You can use your bonus action, Cunning Action, to disengage, so you don’t get stuck in melee.

Mage Hand

Arcane Tricksters can get Mage Hand for free. Some of your higher-level abilities include the ability to use your Mage Hand to distract your enemies or turn it invisible to aid in your sneaky extracurricular activities.

Minor Illusion

This is a fantastic spell for imaginative players. A five-foot cube is quite large, and you could easily use this cantrip to conceal a door, object, or person. In a pinch, you could make it look like the wall and hide in a corner to avoid detection by the unsuspecting guards.

1st Level

You gain access to 1st level spells at level 3. 

Find Familiar

You don’t get many spells outside of Enchantment and Illusion, but this is an excellent option for your third spell at level 3. We recommend bringing a flying familiar, but you should choose something that fits your group and campaign setting.

A familiar can give you a tactical advantage in battle by acting as a scout and being a snuggly emotional support animal. We recommend the owl because it has Flyby and can move in and out of combat without fear of being attacked.

2nd Level

You gain access to 2nd level spells at level 7. 

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade adds damage to everything fantastic about a rapier (including its Finesse trait). You gain an advantage when in dim light or darkness, making it ideal for multiclassing with a Warlock, Way of Shadow Monk, or Shadow Magic Sorcerer. Even as a single-class Rogue, having a consistent advantage means using Sneak Attack without having to maneuver into flanking positions or using your bonus action to Hide.

Curiously, you can also use your shadow blade to attack before engaging in melee combat with an enemy. If you have blindsight and an ally who has darkness, you can become a nightmarish killer in the dark, even against adversaries who have darkvision.

Errata recently clarified that, despite not being a weapon with any monetary worth, Shadow Blade could be used as a material component for Booming Blade and Green-Flame Blade, possibly allowing you to force your foe to stay in the darkness and not try to flee.

3rd Level

You gain access to 3rd level spells at level 13. 


It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of flying. When you can cast this buff on yourself, you should do so frequently. You don’t get this until level 13, and you’ll have encountered flying enemies long before that, so hopefully, you have a full caster or access to magical items like a Broom of Flying or Winged Boots.

4th Level

You gain access to 4th level spells at level 19.

Greater Invisibility

Remember how great it is to be invisible? This spell allows you to cast it on yourself for a full minute (the equivalent of ten rounds of combat), and nothing can break your invisibility as long as you maintain concentration. When you cast a spell, attack another living thing, or force something to make a saving throw, your normal invisibility is broken.

In the heat of battle, you want to be able to do all of those things while remaining hidden.

Greater Invisibility ensures that you will have the upper hand in every attack, allowing you to rely on Sneak Attack with confidence. Creatures that can’t see through invisibility have disadvantage on attacks against you. Just keep an eye out for area effects, although your Evasion trait should keep you safe.

Arcane Trickster Spells 5e Complete List

Here is a complete list of Arcane Trickster Spells in 5th Edition DnD, a Subclass of Rogue 5e, which also includes some Spells from Unearthed Arcana (UA), which is not official Material:


1st Level Arcane Trickster Spells

2nd Level Arcane Trickster Spells

3rd Level Arcane Trickster Spells

4th Level Arcane Trickster Spells

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Arcane Trickster Rogue Subclass Spell List DnD 5e