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About Us

Welcome to the Herd!

We are Kendra and Bryan, a traveling duo that first bonded over our love of board games. We met in Oxford, UK (literally) during a group game of Avalon. From there, we built an incredible collection of games that are fun, challenging, collaborative, and exciting.

We’ve tried tons of board games out there and have had endless hours of fun together. Gaming brought us together and helped us make friends all over the world. We’re so glad you’re here and that you’ve decided to play some games with us.

Game Cows - About Us
Bryan and Kendra in Oxford! | One of our MANY Munchkin games

Why Game Cows?

Cows are social creatures and love to be around and interact with others. A happy cow will frolic and play with anyone. Plus, Kendra just really likes cows for some reason.

They’re also super cute.

Game Cows was dreamed up by our favorite pastime, board games. We love the social interaction, critical thinking, and competitiveness of board games, but without the family-destroying dynamics of a “friendly” game of Monopoly.

Both of us grew up playing a ton of board games with our families when we were kids, and that continued well after we were adults. Whenever we go out we always have a game hidden away in case the fancy takes us.

Our favorite things include: traveling, trying craft beer, playing games, and making friends along the way.

Game Cows - About Us

Five Tribes with our friends in Thailand | Playing Stone Age with our friends in Vietnam

Our Philosophy

We believe that social gaming is an important aspect of our lives and we wanted to share it with you. Playing games is a great way to make friends, spend quality time, and to challenge yourself. Board games are the original social media that we grew up with and we want to spread the love.

What We Offer

Here at Game Cows we provide in-depth content on new, classic, and yet-to-be-released board games and tabletop games of all kinds. Our content is meant to be informative and is based on our own personal opinions and experience. We will never charge for our content: our board game reviews, round-ups, and informative articles are free to you forever.

But… we need to keep the lights on. We also offer board game reviews and advertising services for a small fee. You can find all of the information on the services we offer, including pricing, here. If you’re interested in working with Game Cows on a current or future project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Game Cows is also a participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate program. We tell you about the board games we’ve played and if you click on the link and decide to make a purchase, we’ll get a commission at no cost to you. It’s a great way to support our site for free! (Thank you)

Game Cows - About Us
Kendra showing off having too many cards in Munchkin | Bryan about to lose in Through the Ages 🙂

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing you with the latest and the greatest news, tutorials, and helpful hints on the games we love so that you too can enjoy playing games with your herd.

We are so excited to share our favorite games with you, teach you to play, and get you geared up for some awesome gaming with friends. (Bryan loves reading rules of new games we play and is a great instructor when it comes to learning a new game.)

Whether it’s finding the best board game to play for your weekly gaming session, the best gifts for a board game geek (like us), learning about new expansions, or just talking strategy — we are here to help!

If you ever need a suggestion, have any questions, or just want to talk games, feel free to leave a comment below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Cheers and happy gaming,

Kendra & Bryan

Game Cows - About Us
Our burgeoningDominion collection | A peek into our 6-year DnD campaign


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12 Responses

  1. Hi guys, I just discovered your website and I especially find the Round-ups area a fantastic area where you expose the best games according to their category . I am fascinated by the themes of Vikings, Medieval, Pirates, Space, Historical and Economic and I would like to ask you to do one of the Vikings and Medieval games which would be fantastic because you guys do it wonderfully.
    Please take my request into consideration.
    Thank you very much and greetings to all!

    1. Hi Allan, Thanks so much for your comment and your interest in Game Cows! We’re so happy to hear that you enjoy our articles. We would be thrilled to write a Viking and Medieval Game Round-Up! What a great idea. I actually got my Bachelor’s Degree in Medieval History and am a big fan of historical games in general. Thanks again and stay tuned! All best, Kendra

      1. I got a set of Lewis chessman copy from danish friend at 2015 spring, I visited a open game at CPH. That’s my first focus the Viking stories. At that time, I send a gift chess set by my diy work to DK.

        The word “Board game” was intro to me by a American, when I introduce my chess set to him, I have goals to using one set to play more games on it.

        There’re many board game fans in the world, and so many kinds of games. That’s the diffrent area in games.

        Now my mission is introducing more Ancient board game to kids by my diy chessset. One paper in gamecows to introduce ancient game was found several days before.

        The professional website you are, and services is my study target. in my mail list to my students will collect more Ancient game infos. hope more ancient game infos on your website.

        good luck.

  2. FYI. .
    Your ‘front story’ in the e-mail newsletter I got suggested that the “oldest known dice” were excavated from a site estimated to be from 2800-2500 BCE.
    Wrote a story myself about the origins of dice for (oddly enough) the gaming magazine, Knucklebones, out of Minnesota. My tracing of dice history led me back to the literal knucklebones of sheep, which were apparently pulled out of the pot where they were boiled (like removing chicken bones from chicken soup). These knucklebones had convex and concave sides and were rolled to play a game which involved determining which side they landed on. I can’t lay hands on the original article (many years ago), but I seem to recall that knucklebones pre-dated anything that would have been buried with a “backgammon-like game.”
    No criticism or anything, just an information update.

  3. Tomorrow will be chinese new year, sending bestwishes to Kendra & Bryan
    I bring a new game to you hoping your family healthy and happiness.

    Its name is Lucky Star. a board game. You need
    first draw a five pointed star on the paper.
    then put ten stones on the intersection and vertex of the stars. Follow your heart, remove a stone, and a free place will appear on the chessboard.
    Next, jump one stone over another, drop it in the empty space, and remove the stone that has just been jumped from the chessboard.
    At the end of the game, only one stone on the board is victory, which means good luck, and anything you pray for will be come true. Note that stones can only jump, and can only jump one piece at a time, and cannot move to adjacent positions.

    My student a girl 5 years old has painting the colorful luckystar graphs to pray for Health and Happiness for the Whole World Kids. Could you to help her to finish the wishes? I’ll sending pictures to you late.


    Dejun Yuan
    from Beijing.

    1. for thanks this words.
      To your health and many happy game nights,
      at 2021-1-22 15:55 GMT+8
      the camecows newsletter. “5 Reasons Why You Should Play Board Games Regularly”

  4. با سلام خدمت شما
    ببخشید یه سوال داشتم
    خواستم بدونم هیچ کدوم از این بازی ها رو در ایران قابل تهیه نیست
    ممنون از پاسخگویی

    1. سلام ، ممنون که خواندید! ما بازی ها را تولید نمی کنیم. ما درباره بازی ها می نویسیم و آنها را در آمازون پیوند می دهیم. اگر نسخه ایرانی آمازون دارید ، می توانید آنها را خریداری کنید. همچنین می توانید آنها را مستقیماً از توزیع کنندگان اروپایی سفارش دهید.

  5. Hello ,
    I see your website  www.gamecows.com and its impressive. I wonder if advertising options like guest post, ad content are available on your site?
    What’s the price if we want to advertise on your site?
    Note : Article must not be any mark as  sponsored or advertise.
    jack smith

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