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5e Tools DnD

5e Tools DnD

Don’t be a fool, learn how to use your DnD 5e tools!

What are tools in Dnd 5e?

Tools are special items needed to perform certain actions in DnD 5e. Tools can also be used to pass Ability Checks or roleplay your way through a situation in imaginative ways.

Are Tools useful in Dnd 5e?

Yes! You can perform many activities with tools in DnD 5e that you couldn’t otherwise, as long as you have the required components of the tool and pass the activity’s DC (Difficulty Class).

Proficiencies in tools also help Ability Checks. Your main Abilities (like Strength and Wisdom) all have subsets called Skills (like Athletics and Perception) that are used in Ability Checks. But sometimes it makes sense to use a tool in a situation…or you can convince your DM that it makes sense!

Per Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, if you are proficient in both the skill and the tool, your DM can give you Advantage (the higher of two rolls) on the Ability Check, or an Added Benefit (more information, a special event, resources, etc).

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Tool proficiencies also unlock a tool’s Special Uses, which have lots of useful abilities.

So how do you become proficient in tools in 5e?

Your race, class, background, or feats give you Proficiency with certain tools. Per the Player’s Handbook, you can also train for 250 days at 1GP/day to gain proficiency in any tool (or language).

Here’s a list of each tool in DnD 5e, their components, their Special Uses, their associated skills, and official ideas for actions you can do with them. Become proficient and efficient!

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List of Tools in DnD 5e with their Special Uses, Skills, and Sample Actions:

Alchemist’s Supplies

Components. 2 glass beakers, a metal frame to hold a beaker in place over an open frame, a glass stirring rod, a small mortar and pestle, a pouch of common alchemical ingredients (salt, powdered iron, purified water) 

Alchemical Crafting. Create alchemical items. A character can spend money to collect raw materials, which weigh 1 pound for every 50 GP spent. As part of a Long Rest, you can use the supplies to make one dose of acid, alchemist’s fire, antitoxin, oil, perfume, or soap. Subtract 1/2 the value of the created item from the total GP worth of materials in it.

Skill Checks. Arcana, Investigation

Actions. Create a puff of thick smoke, identify poison, identify a substance, start a fire, neutralize acid

Brewer’s Supplies

Components. A large glass jug, a quantity of hops, a siphon, several feet of tubing

Potable Water. Purify water that would otherwise be undrinkable. As part of a Long Rest, you can purify up to 6 gallons of water, or 1 gallon as part of the Short Rest

Skill Checks. History, Medicine, Persuasion

Actions. Detect poison or impurities in a drink, identify alcohol, ignore the effects of alcohol

Calligrapher’s Supplies

Components. Ink, a dozen sheets of parchment, and 3 quills 

Decipher Treasure Map. Expertise in examining maps. You can make an INT check to determine a map’s age, whether a map includes any hidden messages, or similar facts. 

Skill Checks. Arcana, History

Actions. Identify the writer of a non-magical script, determine a writer’s state of mind, spot forged text, forge a signature

Carpenter’s Tools

Components. A saw, a hammer, nails, a hatchet, a square, a ruler, an adze, a plane, and a chisel

Fortify. With 1 minute of work and raw materials, you can make a door or window harder to force open. Increase the DC needed to open it by 5.

Temporary Shelter. As part of a Long Rest, you can construct a lean-to or similar shelter to keep your group dry and in the shade for the duration of the rest. The shelter collapses 1d3 days after being assembled.

Skill Checks. History, Stealth, Investigation, Perception

Actions. Build a simple wooden structure, design a complex wooden structure, find a weak point in a wooden wall, pry apart a door

Cartographer’s Tools

Components. A quill, ink, parchment, a pair of compasses, calipers, and a ruler 

Craft a Map. While traveling, you can draw a map as you go 

Skill Checks. Arcana, History, Religion, Nature, Survival

Actions. Determine a map’s age and origin, estimate the direction and distance to a landmark, discern that a map is fake, fill in a missing part of a map

Cobbler’s Tools

Components. A hammer, an awl, a knife, a shoe stand, a cutter, spare leather, and thread 

Maintain Shoes. As part of a Long Rest, you can repair your companions’ shoes. For the next 24 hours, up to 6 creatures of your choice who wear shoes you worked on can travel up to 10 hours a day without making saving throws to avoid exhaustion. 

Craft Hidden Compartment. With 8 hours of work, you can add a hidden compartment to a pair of shoes. You make an INT check using proficiency to determine the INT DC for discovering it.

Skill Checks. Arcana, History, Investigation

Actions. Determine a shoe’s age and origin, find a hidden compartment in a boot heel

Cook’s Utensils

Components. A metal pot, knives, forks, a stirring spoon, and a ladle 

Prepare Meals. As part of a Short Rest, you can prepare a tasty meal that helps your companions regain their strength. You and up to 5 creatures of your choice regain 1 extra HP/Hit Dice spent during the short rest, provided you have access to your cook’s utensils and sufficient food. 

Skill Checks. History, Survival, Medicine

Actions. Create a meal, duplicate a meal, spot poison or impurities in food, create a gourmet meal

Disguise Kit

Components. Cosmetics, hair dye, small props, and a few pieces of clothing 

Create Disguise. As part of a Long Rest, you can create a disguise. It takes you 1 minute to don such a disguise once you have created it. You can carry only one such disguise on you at a time without drawing undue attention unless you have a bag of holding or a similar method to keep them hidden. Each disguise weighs 1 pound. It takes 10 minutes to don a disguise that involves moderate changes to your appearance, and 30 minutes for ones that require more extensive changes.

Skill Checks. Deception, Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion

Actions. Cover injuries or distinguishing marks, spot a disguise being used by someone else, copy a humanoid’s appearance

Gaming Set

Components. All the pieces needed to play a specific game or type of game (cards/board/etc.)

Skill Checks. History, Insight, Sleight of Hand

Actions. Catch a player cheating, gain insight into an opponent’s personality playing, cheat in a game

Forgery Kit

Components. Several types of ink, a variety of parchments and papers, several quills, seals and sealing wax, gold and silver leaf, and small tools to sculpt melted wax to mimic a seal.

Quick Fake. As part of a Short Rest, you can produce a forged document no more than one page in length. As part of a Long Rest, you can produce a document that is up to 4 pages long. Your INT check using a forgery kit determines the DC for someone else’s INT check to spot the fake. 

Skill Checks. Arcana, Deception, History, Investigation

Actions. Mimic handwriting, Duplicate a wax seal

Glassblower’s Tools

Components. A blowpipe, a small marver, blocks, and tweezers. You need a source of heat to work glass. 

Identify Weakness. With 1 minute of study, you can identify the weak points in a glass object. Any damage dealt to the object by striking a weak spot is doubled.

Skill Checks.  Arcana, History, Investigation

Actions. Identify source of glass, determine what a glass object once held

Herbalism Kit

Components. Pouches to store herbs, clippers and leather gloves for collecting plants, a mortar and pestle, and several glass jars 

Identify Plants. You can identify most plants with a quick inspection of their appearance and smell 

Skill Checks. Arcana, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Survival

Actions. Find plants, identify poisons

Jeweler’s Tools

Components. A small saw and hammer, files, pliers, and tweezers 

Identify Gems. You can identify gems and determine their value at a glance.

Skill Checks. Arcana, Investigation

Actions. Modify a gem’s appearance, determine a gem’s history

Leatherworker’s Tools

Components.  A knife, a small mallet, an edger, a hole punch, thread, and leather scraps 

Identify Hides. When looking at a hide or leather item, you can determine the source of the leather and any special techniques used to treat it. For example, you can spot the difference between leather crafted using Dwarven methods and leather crafted using Halfling methods.

Skill Checks. Arcana, Investigation

Actions. Modify a leather item’s appearance, determine a leather item’s history, craft a small leather good if you possess the correct raw materials

Mason’s Tools

Components. A trowel, a hammer, a chisel, brushes, and a square 

Demolition. Your knowledge of masonry allows you to spot weak points in brick walls. You deal double damage to such structures with your weapon attacks. 

Skill Checks. History, Investigation, Perception

Actions. Chisel a small hole in a stone wall, find a weak point in a stone wall

Land & Water Vehicles

Vehicle Handling. When plotting a vehicle, you can apply your proficiency bonus to the vehicle’s AC and saving throws. 

Skill Checks. Arcana, Investigation, Perception

Actions. Navigate rough terrain or waters, assess a vehicle’s condition, take a tight corner at a high speed, repair/maintain a vehicle

Musical Instrument

Compose a Tune. As part of a long rest, you can compose a new tune and lyrics for your instrument. You might use this ability to impress a noble or spread scandalous rumors with a catchy tune. 

Skill Checks. History, Performance

Actions. Identify a tune, improvise a tune

Navigator’s Tools

Components. A sextant, a compass, calipers, a ruler, parchment, ink, and a quill 

Sighting. By taking careful measurements, you can determine your position on a nautical chart and the time of day. 

Skill Checks. Survival

Sample Actions. Plot a course, discover your position on a nautical chart

Painter’s Supplies

Components. An easel, canvas, paints, brushes, charcoal sticks, and a palette 

Painting and Drawing. As part of a Short or Long Rest, you can produce a simple work of art. Although your work might lack precision, you can capture an image or scene, or make a quick copy of a piece of art you saw.

Skill Checks. Arcana, History, Religion, Investigation, Perception

Actions. Paint an accurate portrait, create a painting with a hidden message

Poisoner’s Kit

Components. Glass vials, a mortar and pestle, chemicals, and a glass stirring rod. 

Handle Poison. Your proficiency allows you to handle and apply a poison without risk of exposing yourself to its effects.

Skill Checks. History, Investigation, Perception, Medicine, Nature, Survival

Sample Actions. Spot a poisoned object, determine the effects of a poison

Potter’s Tools

Components. potter’s needles, ribs, scrapers, a knife, and calipers 

Reconstruction. By examining pottery shards, you can determine an object’s original, intact form, and its likely purpose 

Skill Checks. History, Investigation, Perception

Sample Actions. Determine what a vessel once held, create a serviceable pot, find a weak point in a ceramic object

Smith’s Tools

Components. Hammers, tongs, charcoal, rags, and a whetstone 

Repair. With access to your tools and an open flame hot enough to make metal pliable, you can restore 10 HP to a damaged metal object for each hour of work.

Skill Checks. Arcana, History, Investigation

Sample Actions. Sharpen a dull blade, repair a suit of armor, sunder a non-magical metal object

Thieves’ Tools

Components. A small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers 

Set a Trap. You can set traps. As part of a Short Rest, you can create a trap using items you have on hand. The total of your check becomes the DC for someone else’s attempt to discover or disable the trap. The trap deals damage appropriate to the materials used in crafting it (such as poison or a weapon) or damage equal to half the total of your check. 

Skill Checks. History, Investigation, Perception

Sample Actions. Pick a lock, disable a trap

Tinker’s Tools

Components. A variety of hand tools, thread, needles, a whetstone, scraps of cloth and leather, and a pot of glue.

Repair. You can restore 10 HP to a damaged object for each hour of work. For any object, you need access to the raw materials required to repair it. For metal objects, you need access to an open flame hot enough to make the metal pliable. 

Skill Checks. History, Investigation

Sample Actions. Temporarily repair a disabled device, repair an item in half the time, improvise a temporary item using scraps

Weaver’s Tools

Components. Thread, needles, and scraps of cloth. You know how to work a loom, but such equipment is too large to transport 

Repair. As part of a Short Rest, you can repair a single damaged cloth object. 

Craft Clothing. Assuming you have access to sufficient cloth and thread, you can create an outfit for a creature as part of a Long Rest.

Skill Checks. Arcana, History, Investigation

Sample Actions. Repurpose cloth, mend a hole in a piece of cloth, tailor an outfit

Woodcarver’s Tools

Components. A knife, a gouge, and a small saw Repair: As part of a Short Rest, you can repair a single damaged wooden object 

Craft Arrows. As part of a Short Rest, you can craft up to 5 arrows. As part of a Long Rest, you can craft up to 20. You must have enough wood on hand to produce them. 

Skill Checks. Arcana, History, Nature

Sample Actions. Craft a small wooden figurine, carve an intricate pattern in wood

Here is a complete list of 5e Tools in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition:

Artisan’s tools

Alchemist’s Tools50 gp8 lb
Brewer’s Tools20 gp9 lb
Calligrapher’s Tools10 gp5 lb
Carpenter’s Tools8 gp6 lb
Cartographer’s Tools15 gp6 lb
Cobbler’s Tools5 gp5 lb
Cook’s Utensils1 gp8 lb
Glassblower’s Tools30 gp5 lb
Jeweler’s Tools25 gp2 lb
Leatherworker’s Tools5 gp5 lb
Mason’s Tools10 gp8 lb
Painter’s Tools10 gp5 lb
Potter’s Tools10 gp3 lb
Smith’s Tools20 gp8 lb
Tinker’s Tools50 gp10 lb
Weaver’s Tools1 gp5 lb
Woodcarver’s Tools1 gp5 lb

Other Tools

Disguise Kit25 gp3 lb
Forgery Kit15 gp5lb
Herbalism Kit5 gp3 lb
Poisoner’s kit50 gp2 lb

Musical Instruments

Bagpipes30 gp6 lb
Drum6 gp3 lb
Dulcimer25 gp10 lb
Flute2 gp1 lb
Lute35 gp2 lb
Lyre30 gp2 lb
Horn3 gp2 lb
Pan Flute12 gp2 lb
Shawm2 gp1 lb
Viol30 gp1 lb

Check out our guide to the full list of DnD Instruments 5e.

Gaming Sets

Dice Set1 spNA
Dragonchess Set1 gp1/2 lb
Playing Card Set5 spNA
Three-Dragon Ante Set1 pgNA

The most important rule for tools is: to use your imagination! Spark your creativity with these other articles while you’re at it such as Healer Feat 5e, Demogorgon 5e, Jumping 5e, and Intellect Devourer 5e.