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5e Tools DnD

Here is a complete list of 5e Tools in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition:

Artisan’s tools

Alchemist’s Tools50 gp8 lb
Brewer’s Tools20 gp9 lb
Calligrapher’s Tools10 gp5 lb
Carpenter’s Tools8 gp6 lb
Cartographer’s Tools15 gp6 lb
Cobbler’s Tools5 gp5 lb
Cook’s Utensils1 gp8 lb
Glassblower’s Tools30 gp5 lb
Jeweler’s Tools25 gp2 lb
Leatherworker’s Tools5 gp5 lb
Mason’s Tools10 gp8 lb
Painter’s Tools10 gp5 lb
Potter’s Tools10 gp3 lb
Smith’s Tools20 gp8 lb
Tinker’s Tools50 gp10 lb
Weaver’s Tools1 gp5 lb
Woodcarver’s Tools1 gp5 lb

Other Tools

Disguise Kit25 gp3 lb
Forgery Kit15 gp5lb
Herbalism Kit5 gp3 lb
Poisoner’s kit50 gp2 lb

Musical Instruments

Bagpipes30 gp6 lb
Drum6 gp3 lb
Dulcimer25 gp10 lb
Flute2 gp1 lb
Lute35 gp2 lb
Lyre30 gp2 lb
Horn3 gp2 lb
Pan Flute12 gp2 lb
Shawm2 gp1 lb
Viol30 gp1 lb

Check out our guide to the full list of DnD Instruments 5e.

Gaming Set

Dice Set1 spNA
Dragonchess Set1 gp1/2 lb
Playing Card Set5 spNA
Three-Dragon Ante Set1 pgNA


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