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3 Word Board Games to Challenge your Expertise

Are you a vocabulary enthusiast seeking new word games at the moment or are you just looking for something fun to do with your buddies during a game night? Perhaps you are looking for a game that is educational yet entertaining for your spouse and children because you are a parent. 

If any of the above-mentioned scenarios is the case, you have come to the right page. This article lists the 3-word board games for you and the team. 

It is perhaps the time to think about other leisure pursuits like playing word board games rather than idly going through social media and procrastinating. The benefits your mind, body, and soul gain through this activity may take you by surprise. With that being said, let’s have a look at the word board games that you could play to challenge your expertise


Bananagrams Travel Game Tiles and Banana Bag

When searching for a word board game to enjoy with their kids, parents should consider Bananagrams. This anagram activity guarantees kids a learning experience in addition to enjoyment and amusement, particularly those who will be learning more complicated words.

The regulations are clear and straightforward. The first step is to disperse the face-down squares amongst participants. The game has a participant limit of eight players.

21 squares for individuals two to four, 15 squares for participants five to six, and 11 squares for individuals seven to eight. By yelling “Split!” everybody flips their pieces and the game starts.

Being the first player to use all available characters is the main objective. Words can be created either vertically, horizontally, or from left to right. Additionally, you are free to reconfigure your grid at any time. Yell out “Peel!” when you put your final letter tile onto the array. Everyone then has to pick another square from the “Bunch.”

One thing to consider is that you can chuck out any of your alphabet tiles by stating, “Dump!” In return for that alphabet, you have to take three additional alphabet tiles. Any number of “dumps” are permitted.

When the Bunch is vacant, the individual who used all of their alphabet squares first wins. The player who finishes first exclaims “Bananas!” The opponents are to then review that player’s tiles for improper nouns, grammatical errors, or other inappropriate words. If there are, they must yell “Rotten Banana!” to eliminate the bogus winner.

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Scrabble Tiles

Alfred Mosher Butts invented Scrabble in 1938, and it has since grown in popularity as an enjoyable activity to engage in with friends, coworkers, and family. Hasbro Gaming, one of the biggest manufacturers of toys and various entertainment options in the industry, is the provider of this specific Scrabble game. 

Making words on a board will get you points in this game. You must pick a substitute square from the box for each tile you used to spell a word. When there are no tiles left, the game is over, and the participant with more points wins.

However, if you are struggling with coming up with new words you can secretly use an online word finder for games like scrabble and word with friends. Tools like this will help you come up with new words by suggesting options for the given alphabet. 

Scrabble can be played alone, in groups of two to three people, or among acquaintances. As you must draw squares randomly, a little luck is required, but the activity also compensates players with sound strategy and a wide vocabulary.


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Tapple is best suited for families who enjoy games during celebrations, picnics, and family get-togethers. It can be carried for travels, vacations, and extended stays because it is simple to carry and accumulate.

A moveable Tapple wheel and 36 subject cards with 144 divisions are included in the board game. The objective is straightforward: You must use only the alphabet on the wheel to create a solution to the classification cards. To get points, try to be the final player standing in every round. Then, to win, acquire three subject cards.

Tapple is a game with time limitations and eliminations. Each round only gives you 10 seconds to respond, and if you do not, you lose that round. You are disqualified if your response does not fall into the appropriate category. The round is won by the one who is still standing at the end and receives a point.

Keep in mind that to continue the round after answering, you must first hit the initial letter of the term. If not, you are not eligible. Additionally, remember that once a character has been tapped for that round, other players are unable to do so again.



For those searching for a little enjoyment and an excellent way of helping their kids learn, playing these word board games is highly advised. After all, research has indicated that playing these kinds of games might help with cognitive abilities. You get to share in your kid’s experiences while they are educated and have some fun.

These games are also for individuals who are sick of playing standard board games. You might want to experiment with changing the theme for your game night and check how you perform at other board games.

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